[Fancam/photos/account] 120210 Opening of Yeolbong Anyang branch

I heard that he was going to go to the Anyang opening at around 1pm so I got there at about 12 something. Yeolbongi was wandering the streets playing around with pedestrians, staring at a lifesized figure of Nickhun and playing with the clothes at a nearby store. So damn cute~haha

Anyway, at about 12:50 we decided to go in but there were no tables left inside already (?!). So we were told to sit and wait near the entrance. There were more and more people coming but since there was no place to sit inside, alot of people were told to go outside to wait. He finally arrived after 1 some time and the place went crazy. Screaming everywhere and he waved to everyone before going into a room. But the room, even though the wall blocks other people’s view, it didnt have any doors and some young fangirls kept walking in and standing there, taking photos of him (really annoyed me). Some of these people managed to get his autograph (quietly) but they still stood around even though he was eating and talking. I dragged @littlecrab7 in and greeted him and said that this is a fan who came from Thailand. She gave him a present and talked to him. First thing he asked was whether she made it on the fansign successful applicant list (I’m sure he would have said, come even if you didnt make it) – so much love from our man. I told him yes she got on the list. Then @WAWASOUL was sitting next to him and i greeted him and say that I’m Cecilia. He looked at me with this clueless look and Dongwookie said to him ‘Cecilia!’ and I’m like, yes I just gave you a present (left him a present at the garosu branch to thank him for what he did last year for dongwookie’s bday) and then finally he knows what’s happening haha~ We shook hands with Dongwookie and walked back out.

He stayed inside for about 1.5 hrs? Everytime people could see him as he passed the door, there would be screaming. The people who were told to go outside started coming in and it was so packed and so noisy. This branch is actually run by Dongwookie and his friend and his friend’s mum was walking around, with a big smile on her face ^^ At around 3pm, before he left, he signed lots of posters for the store and took photos inside the room with Yeolbongi (some fangirls were hitting Yeolbongi’s head with their chilbong coz he was blocking their view WTF) and finally he came out. He was trying to avoid most of the fangirls but it was so impossible. The place wasnt very big and they werent listening to any of the staff at all. I was quite annoyed for most of the time but it was nice just seeing his face

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