[Magazine] 120210 Asian Cool (Japan)

Brief translation from one part of the interview

Q: What was the reason that made you want to resume activities in Japan?

A: I went to America while I was having activities in Japan, when I started Korean activities again, many Japanese fans came to cheer me on. When I saw that, I thought that it wouldnt be right if I didnt return to Japan, for all these people who were waiting for me.

Q: How and where do you want to spend July 7th, being 27 years old?

A: At a great place (laughs). I dont even know about what will happen in 7 days so I dont really know about 7 months. But I hope it will be an event where I can enjoy with fans. I will plan~ for everyone to meet me alot in 2012!

from take a break with Se7en


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