[Photos] 120210 Sukira (+short account)

He arrived at about 10:50pm and we went to greet him. As usual, he stayed inside the van for awhile before coming out. It was soooooooooooo cold, i was shivering sooo much. When he finally got out, he said to everyone, it’s cold so dont wait for me. As he walked up the stairs, the only thing i managed to asked him was if he had eaten (haha i’m so unoriginal) and he said yes. He walked inside the KBS building and waved to everyone. Keke he nodded his head at me and went inside.

Since it was Sukira, so many ELFs omg~ Luckily a couple of fans were really nice and let us take their place when Dongwookie came out. Glad that cihlbong exists or he wouldnt know who his fans were. Before the show, he was talking to the PDs for awhile and as fan service did a couple of dance moves lol~ After the show, he came up to the window to wave to people. He signed cds for Ryeowook and Sungmin and chatted with them briefly before leaving.

Massive rush for the exit to wait for him to come out. Lots of ELFs again and when he came out some of them actually followed him to his van which caused chaos coz they were all over him. In the midst of this, he took good care of the few Thai fans who were there and greeted and thanked them in Thai, shook their hands. He was walking so fast and he was in front of me. I shouted, Do you have no schedules tomorrow? And he turned around and said No, I dont know, I’m having a rest tomorrow! He got on the van and still surrounded by people. He kept waving and before leaving, looked over to Lucky Se7en who were were standing to the side a bit (haha no energy to fight with ELFs) before really leaving


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