[Photos+account] 120205 Movie date with Se7en

After the fan meeting, we had to rush to Cheongdam CGV cinecity via taxi because there was no time. We go into the building and go up to the 8th floor to have our names/ids checked and received our tickets. Before going into the cinema, we all got free food courtesy of Mr choi!!

So much food and drink!! Cant finish!!! Anyway, everyone got a number as well as a ticket. I was in the 2nd row to the side –  a pretty good seat ^^ Before the movie started, everyone kept trying to guess where he would sit and when he would come in. But no sign of him~~ Lights were turned down and I was thinking, he’s going to come in soon right? But no sign of him ><

They started off by showing a video of him talking to the audience. In the video he introduced his album and about the movie (Star Wars in 4D) and said for those who had not seen the MV, here it is. So I got to watch the MV in HD on a cinema screen!! WOOOHOOOO~Lucky se7en around the place took out their chilbong and swayed it to the music

After the MV, the movie started and it lasted for over 2 hours. During this time, I kept watching out for him but didnt see anything. At the end of the movie, I noticed that the TV cameras were standing at the back so I thought, he hasnt come yet?? The movie finished and the SBS Hanbam reporter walked to the front of the cinema introducing herself. Not long after she introduced Dongwookie and up he stood to show himself! He was sitting at the last row! He stood on the chair and waved to screaming fans. I walked out during the movie to go to the bathroom but didnt see any trace of him then??!!

He walked from the back to the front and passed right by me, but my crappy camera and shaky hands meant that I couldnt get a good photo >< He got to the front and was interviewed by Hanbam. He greeted everyone and said a few words. Then he was told to pick any number from 1 – 116 (?) to pick ppl out for prizes. Of course he had to pick 7, 77..he random just chose another few numbers. Some fans received presents prepared by him – a cake, clothes (male and female) wihle others got autographed cds from him. Some fans were interviewed at the front, one fan broke down in tears and he hugged her (more screaming). One fan said ‘Oppa, you’re a statue, what do you pretend to be human?’ (In Korean, there’s an expression to describe good looking people who are so perfect that it’s as if their features were carved like a statue) That made everyone scream and laugh~keke

Because there were a few overseas fans who got picked, the reporter was like, your fans are from all over the world, you’re indeed a hallyru star~So while people are yelling out where they’re from, I was yelling out Australia but I got ignored a few times~haha when they finally heard me, the cameras turned towards me and I hid behind the seat haha

At the end, fans were chanting asking him to sing a song~and he was preparing to sing, and someone yells out ‘That type of person’! Dongwookie goes, well I’m promoting my title track, so you should ask me to sing my title track to promote it right? Then i said in a not so loud voice, let’s sing it together. But he heard me!!!!!!! He looked at me and said ‘I’ll sing it by myself’~hahaha I buried my face in my friend’s shoulder again~lol how did he hear that??

After that he said bye to the audience and left with the SBS camera crew~I heard that he filmed a bit of a short interview/closing afterwards before leaving. When I got down to the bottom floor, just managed to see his back as he got into his van to leave~



2 thoughts on “[Photos+account] 120205 Movie date with Se7en

  1. I came to your blog everyday to get se7en’s updates. Your fan accounts are so cute. He’s amazing as an artist and a wonderful person when interacting with fans. Hope more fans realize his true values and keep supporting him.

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