[Account + Photo] 120221 Gallery date with Se7en

I came back from the gallery date~After 6pm, a curator came to take us around and explained each piece to us one by one [Note: the exhibition was of David Lachapelle]. We followed him like kindergarten kids as he directed to look to the left and to the right. After we had gone through about  75-80% of the exhibition, suddenly there was alot of murmuring and people from in front kept turning around to see what was happening behind. I turned around and oppa was right behind me! Oppa then walked to the front and went through the rest of the exhibition with us. As we were walking, oppa made eye contact with us~

At the end, we were told that oppa would explain one of the artworks to us himself so we followed oppa out of the exhibition and went back to the entrance to stand in front of the Michael Jackson pieces. He made some mistakes keke but it was still good! Afterwards he asked whether we liked the exhibition and said that there arent many chances for us to see something like this so it’s good, right? Do you guys not like things like this?

Anyway, after that, we were told to go to a video room on the same level. My friend and I managed to sit in the front row. We sat in the front row because we wanted to take photos so we were disappointed when we were told that photos were not allowed. We were told that at the end, we would be able to take polaroid photos with him but I thought, geez, random draw again~ Not long after, oppa came in and greeted us. He said that next time he will come by himself to such an exhibition. Through random draw, autographed cds and signed Tshirts [yg family kiss tshirts] were given to a few fans. He asked if we had heard about how that polaroid photos were going to be taken and we said yes. He said ‘Is that right?’ (고뤠?) [This is a popular line taken from Gag concert which he’s been using ALOT lately] keke he was totally bursting with cuteness~ “Who told you? I’m going to pretend that there was no such thing” ~so fans were all whining and begging~kekek~I thought that it was going to be through lucky draw but turned out that EVERYONE got to take a photo with him separately~!He is such an angel!

People in front of me all took their photos and it was my turn. My legs were shaking as the security guard told me to go up to him. I walked up to him and greeted him. We took a photo and I said “Oppa you are so cool”. He waved to me with both hands and said thank you. After everyone took photos, oppa talked about his schedules. He said because there’s nothing else to say keke~He answered questions from fans. From what I remember, he said for fruit, he likes peaches and general food, he likes meat and seafood.

He said again that it’s still not decided what song will be the follow up song and that the follow up song activities will be short as he will be going to Japan in April. He talked for a little more before staff told him to wrap up. So he said an ending greeting and left while waving and making eye contact with fans. He said that he will be coming out on Sonbadak TV tomorrow but he didnt know that there will be an audience because some fans said they were going and he asked whether fans could actually get in. He said bye again and again before leaving.

by 반가워최세븐님 at farineli/translated by Cecilia

PS from people I know, i did hear a bit more…

– when he arrived, he shushed everyone so that they wouldnt make a noise

– Alot of the art pieces in the exhibition featured naked bodies and there was a picture with naked women on it. But the curator started explaining the picture next to it first and Dongwookie pointed to the one with the naked women on it and asked why the curator was not explaining about this one. XD Quote my friend ‘He was embarrassed but pretended not to be’

– There was another nude picture and he told fans not to look at it in detail but then he walked up to it himself and looked at it carefully^^

– As he was explaining about the Michael Jackson pieces, he had to keep looking at the information in front of the pictures

– Fans asked him why dont you come out on Gag concert? (since he’s so into it lately) He said he wants to but telling mr YG would be a bit eh..

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