[Translation] 120212 New message on farineli


오늘 너무 기쁜날이네요^^

세븐 5년만에 공중파 1위!!!

그닥 순위에 연연해 하는 성격은 아니라

덤덤할줄 알았는데…

막상 제 이름이 불리니

가슴이 뭉클… 하더라고요..

응원해 주시는분들 한분한분께 감사드리고

오랜시간 만나지 못했음에도 불구하고

새앨범 많은분들이 사랑해주셔서 너무 고마울 따름이예요!!!

오늘을 계기로 앞으로 더 열심히 할수있는 힘과 용기를 얻은날이였구요

주변에 있는 조그마한것 하나하나의 소중함을 다시한번 생각할수 있었던

아주 뜻깊은 날이 된것같아요…

여러분 아직 날씨가 쌀쌀한데 옷 따뜻하게 입고 다니시고

항상 몸조심하시고 제 음악이 여러분들께 항상 힘이 되었으면 좋겠습니다!!

언제나 행복하세요!!!   안녕~^^

ps.. 너무 얌전히 겸손모드로 글쓴것같아 한마디만 더 할게요…

[내가 노래를 못해도…????]

노래를 못하긴 누가 못해!!!!!????

나 평생 노래 할꺼다!!!!!!!!!!!!   흥!!!^^


Today is a really happy day^^
Se7en’s No. 1 on non cable TV first time in 5 years
Because i’m not the type that cares about rankings, i thought i would be calm..
But when my name was called out
I felt a lump… in my throat
I thank every single one of you who cheered for me
Despite not being able to meet for a long time, many people have given my new album lots of love
I am so thankful!!
From today, I was able to gain more strength and courage to work even harder from now on
It seems like today has been a day when i’ve been able to think about how precious all the little things around me are, one by one
Everyone, the weather is still chilly, so dress warmly when you go out
Always be careful of your health and I hope that my music can always be a strength to everyone!!
Always be happy!! Annyeong~^^

PS. Since I wrote the whole message in an overly quiet humble mode, i’ll say just one more thing…
[When I cant sing..????]

Who says I cant sing!!!????
I’m going to sing for the rest of my life!!! Hmpf!!^^

[Translation by Cecilia/please take out with full credits]


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