[Photos] Photos from Sonbadak TV official blog

Se7en sits in the waiting room waiting for the show to start~Although many goodlooking celebrities have been seen at sonbadak tv’s studio, Se7en ssi was really very cool

Se7en heading to the studio~Can you feel the tension from the photo?

Finally he sits down! Touched because even though noone signalled the camera angle to him, he automatically looked in the right direction

When Myung Soo told him to sit comfortably, Se7en really settled into a comfortable position~But was it because of his height? He looked even more uncomfortable

Thanks to the fans who came to the studio because of ‘Ben’ nim! For everyone’s safety, only photos with your backs are uploaded^^

Se7en covering Myung soo~

Ah i’m sorry for saying the same thing but he is tall~

He also sang a song for us

During the Part 2, we even got to eat Se7en sajangnim’s Yeolbong steam chicken

Was Se7en hungry? Even though it was during a show (and a live show for that matter^^), he ate heartily

At the end, the following show ‘Ha ha’s OOO time’ ‘s Ha ha made a sudden appearance! Maybe he felt awkward (?) during the show, he really welcomed Ha ha!

It seems like he didnt want HaHa to leave

Even though the 2 hours of filming was energy draining, the person who lit up the studio – one two three four five six SE7EN! Thank you!


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