[Fancam+Caps+Translation][HD] 120226 Inkigayo Van Show (after show finished)

by 세븐나와라뚝딱 @ helloseven cafe

The vid before was after the recording where he went out and came back and this one is right after the show’s finished. You can see him telling fans to go back since it’s dangerous but those were not lucky se7en but other artists’ fans~he takes care of everybody~!He also told fans to hurry and go home since it’s cold~

In the video, you can hear a boy yelling out to Dongwookie~it’s really funny~at first he yells that he will introduce his friend to Dongwookie, then he’s talking to himself and saying, that in his next life he wants to be reborn like Dongwookie (as good looking as him)~then he yells out to Dongwookie, I bought your album but what’s Mr Choi’s reply? “Buy more!’ LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL this guy is way too funny!!


2 thoughts on “[Fancam+Caps+Translation][HD] 120226 Inkigayo Van Show (after show finished)

  1. This video is made as a small sentimental gift to Se7en from VietNamese fans. We want to let you know that even ”when you can’t sing” or no matter what happens, lucky7vn is by your side anytime, anywhere!
    We appreciate your hard work and your care towards fans, we are in love with your sweet voice, your magic moves and that you never fail to surprise us with your live performances. Just so you know, you have our never-ending support *cross our hearts*.
    We are grateful to you for everything, and for a simple reason that you are Se7en – our idol, our source of inspiration, our light in gloomy days and our voice in silent moments. Please come to Viet Nam as you promise, you will be drowned in our passionate love, for sure!
    Our Saint, you are too generous to give us Energy to achieve Victory and Emotion to live through the Nights. We hope you have pleasure listening to our song. SE7EN FIGHTING!!!We’re ONE and always number ONE!”

  2. lolllllllllll Oppa is the cutest creature is this world!!! Too much ‘Beuntamin’ today. I can’t stop smiling~~ kkk Always thanks for ur translation!! So many many translations from ur blog that I need to translate it into Thai to let the others know his real self kkk Such a funny and nice man!!!!! Love him so much kkk Cecila Unni, Fighting!!!

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