Please read! Se7en Debut 9th anniversary project

[picture designed by To. 행복~ from farineli~thank you haengbok!! kekeke ]

It’s that time of the year again!! Do you still remember his debut performance on the 22nd March 2003? Let’s refresh our memories for a moment

How quickly time passes right?? This year round, the debut anniversary is during his album activities in Korea, so let’s make this big yeah? Let’s give him support! strength! love! Screaming in front of the computer screen watching him do his triple spin is not enough!! Let him HEAR it!!!

To show the diversity of Lucky Se7en around the world, let’s congratulate him on his 9th debut anniversary in different languages! This is even more simple than the birthday project because it’s shorter and I’ve already worked out what you need to say (LOL)!

What you need to do: Record a video of yourself saying “Congratulations for your 9th debut anniversary!” in any one language (or dialect) you like

Max length of video: 5 seconds

Deadline: 14th March 2012

(1) Please write on a piece of paper the exact language+dialect you are speaking in

(2) If you need to cover your face, please at least leave your eyes to be seen

(4) If you want to add ‘Oppa’ or ‘I love you’ etc to your vid that’s fine, but please make it short

CHANGES: (1) There is NO LONGER ANY LIMIT OR QUOTA on the language that you may record in. So all you English speakers, no more excuses plz!!!

(2) If you really don’t want to or cannot record a video for any reason, you can now SEND A PHOTO of yourself holding a sign with the words ‘Congratulations for your 9th debut anniversary’ in any language you know (Please state which language it is on the sign if it is not English)


Feel free to email me or tweet me your questions!

Wait, wait, wait…there’s more!

Debut 9th anniversary project PART 2: Change your twitter profile pic on the 22nd March 2012 and trend #SE7EN9thanniversary

haha this sounds simple enough yeah??

At 12am on 22nd March 2012, please change your twitter profile pic to the one above and trend #SE7EN9thanniversary

The picture was especially designed by a fellow korean fan from farineli~ PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD!

As this is a surprise, please make sure you don’t tweet Se7en about it!

Alright, let’s get to it!!!


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