[Fan account+fancam] 120217 SBS Radio+on the plane+Busan Autograph Session+KTX

Haha… yes…i’m finally writing this up lol… i think i’ve forgotten many details but here is my best shot….

It takes about an hour via plane from Seoul to Busan and about 2 hours and 40 minutes via KTX. Because he had a radio schedule at midday at SBS, I decided that I would go see him there before heading to Busan (thus catching a flight down instead of the KTX).

The radio show started at 12pm, so I got to SBS at around 11:30. Now the SBS building, unlike KBS open studio, is not a place where fans usually wait so I tried to blend in with all the people that worked there. I was just sitting around at the main foyer waiting while a few of my friends were at a cafe somewhere nearby preparing for the food they were going to give him. They werent preparing presents just for him alone but also for the radio staff and se7en’s staff. So every now and again they would ring me to make sure that he wasnt here yet. 15 minutes later my friends arrive but Dongwookie still hasnt arrived. We were thinking maybe he’s coming out in the 2nd half of the show? Choi Hwa Jung (the DJ of the show) appeared and we greeted her and asked her to please take care of Se7en. LOL she looked a bit taken back when we greeted her.

12 oclock and he still hasnt arrived. ?????? We were just standing around then from far away outside the door, i see this figure rushing up to the door, taking his hat off and putting it back on again. I thought to myself ‘Nah…that cant be him~he wouldnt be by himself and what’s with those multicoloured pants?” But few seconds later and he came into view and it was none other than Dongwookie! He rushes in the door and his manager appears and rushes in as well. They are rushing to the gates to go in and we greet him. They continue without stopping and my friend was saying to the manager, what about the food? (They had contacted the manager in advance and agreed to meet in the foyer to receive all the food and drinks) The manager said since they were late, he would come back down to get them. So she got a small bag which had food which was for him and asked him to take that first at least. He took it and thanked her and I said to him, it’s her birthday today! (Yes she prepared all the food and drink for him to celebrate her birthday lol) Haha i think he was a bit lost, like ‘why are you giving me presents when it’s your birthday type of look’

So up they went and we waited for about 10 minutes before the manager came back down again. But there was too much for him to carry up (2 big boxes of food, 15 coffees, another few bags and small boxes of snacks) so he went to call up another manager to help him. When they had finally taken everything up, we went out for a bit. After he finished the show, he came back down and when he appeared he was holding a coffee ^^ When he came Β out, he said happy birthday to my friend and she said ‘I prepared this because it was my birthday’. He’s like why are you giving me presents on your birthday? My friend said, well it’s not like you would give me presents on my birthday right? So he replies, I guess that’s true XD

Now my friends here are long time Se7en fans dating right back from 2003 but nowadays they all have work and family commitments so they cant go to see him much anymore. But he still remembers them because they used to go see him everyday all the time back in the days. Because of this and because of all the food etc (and i think also because he got No 1 on MCD the day before), he was in an extremely good mood. I have to say out of all the times i saw and talked to him in Korea, this was the time when he was in the best mood.

As we’re walking (really slowly haha), one of my other friends asks if he can sign for her and he said yes (we thought he was going to rush off because he had to get to Busan). She didnt expect him to say yes so she had to fumble in her bag to get her cd. She gives him the cd but she takes another moment to get the marker out. He says playfully, why are you not prepared! LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLL and she’s like, the marker is in my hand now! (like, why r u so impatient? haha)

So all of us (me + 3 of my friends + 2 other fans) are just standing in front of the door and he signs for my friend first. He then looks at my friend (birthday girl) waiting for her to give him something to sign but because she didnt expect him to sign anything she didnt have anything on her. So she takes out a spare greeting card that she had left over from the pack of cards she had bought (she wrote in one of them and gave it to him). He signs on the card for her and writes happy birthday. Then he BRAGS TO HER THAT HE GAVE HER A BIRTHDAY CARD~ LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

After that he signs for my other friend~he couldnt remember her name but said he remembered her face. All this time i’m just standing to his right not saying anything (actually i did get my Japanese album signed but i just handed it over to him and didnt say anything). All of a sudden, out of nowhere, he turns to me and says ‘Your [CD] jacket, it’s still in my car.’ Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i was so shocked!! I didnt ask him about it or anything and I wasnt even talking to him! He was signing for someone else! And suddenly i dunno why he remembered but he just decided to say this to me~hahahaha~I was a bit shocked but recovered quickly and asked if he could leave it at Yeolbong hongdae because I could pick it up from there. He says he will if he goes there (well that’s pretty useless because i only had a few days left in Korea). I said maybe you could give it to your mum?? Haha he didnt reply to that πŸ™‚

We chatted for a little bit longer and he headed out to the carpark. He waved to us and I said to him ‘See you in Busan’~he’s like it’s so far~~He left after that and not long after I had to leave for the airport as well. My flight to Busan was at 3:30pm and I met up with my friend who was going with me at the airport. We checked in and got on the plane and were just sitting there while other passengers were still boarding the plane. Suddenly, I saw a familiar face – Dongwookie’s manager!! I was like huh???? 2 seconds later, who do I see behind him? Choi Dong Wook!! I was in utter shock and disbelief!!!! Because he finished the radio show at around 1, he could have caught another 2 flights before the one we caught, or caught another airline or he could have gone via KTX but we somehow ended up on the same plane!! WAHAHAHAHA When he walked passed us, I actually stood up and greeted him briefly. I dont know what he was thinking but he think he felt amused?! He smiled and nodded his head at us and continued to his seat which was near the back of the plane. The 2 of us were so high~wahahah i was like squealing and my friend was trying to shush me up~she just kept calling all these people lol

Since he was quite a few rows back, all I could see was his hair πŸ™‚ During the one hour flight, I wrote him a letter keke~~When the plane arrived in Busan, we got off first and waited for him at the exit. When he appeared, he looked like he had just woke up lol and I gave him my letter. He looked at the front of the envelope for a few seconds then put the letter in his pocket ^^ We walked all the way with him through the exit and to the van waiting for him but didnt know what to say because he looked sleepy still. Before he got on the van though, he did say bye to us and said you guys must be rich, catching a flight haha~We said see you and left~

The autograph session itself was held at a cultural hall (like a performing hall) in a really big department store (they say they’re the biggest in the world…) and it took some time to actually get to the hall. We got our names checked and sat down to wait. We waited for about half an hour before he appeared. We were told that no photos were allowed except during the special photo time at the beginning

(I upped this coz I dont think i’ve seen the first few sec of this in other cams?)

Anyway, he greeted everyone and said he was happy to see everyone in Busan. He asked if everyone were locals from Busan. He said it seems that there are people who came from places faraway as well and that it’s cold so thank you. He asked if we were all listening to the new album alot and everyone shouted yes. He asked, it’s good right? Everyone shouted yes! And he replies, yes i know ^^ He said thanks to everyone’s support, he was able to get No. 1 yesterday πŸ™‚ He then posed for everyone to take photos and the autograph session officially started.

There were various interesting parts during the signing. A fan who was really excited slipped and fell on her butt while walking down the stairs and he picked up the mike and asked ‘Are you ok?’ Everyone screamed but then he said ‘I’m asking the stairs’ hehehe~Another fan asked him to stroke her hair and that got people screaming too. A fan yelled out ‘Ahjussi’ and he’s like it’s Oppa!! Whoever it is please leave

When it was my turn, I walked over to him and placed the cd in front of him. This time though, I was getting an autograph for someone else and explained to him that the autograph was not for me but I was getting it for someone else. There were 2 fan staff/managers standby near the table and saw the name that I had written on the piece of paper. One of them said, is that for your boyfriend? I said no, it’s a girl! And she said ‘Eh, it’s a guy’s name!’ Both of the fan staff kept saying, dont lie, it’s for our boyfriend we know. Haha i dunno what came over me and why it even mattered but I suddenly said really forcefully, no, it DEFINITELY is NOT for my boyfriend~haha Mr choi who was signing in front of my just cracked up lol~~I also told him that I was going back to Australia in 3 days and he asked me if I could go to Inkigayo on Sunday. I said yes and shook his hand then walked off the stage.

After he finished signing, he picked up the mic to talk again. He thanked everyone and people screamed out asking him to sing. He asked what song but everyone screamed out different songs at the same time, there wasnt really any one clear song name that stood out. He ended up singing Come back to me accapella. He said that because he had to leave to go back [he had to leave]~but obviously everyone is like noooooo~People kept yelling out different things at him and he’s like ‘You guys are too noisy!’ He asked which song we liked the most from the album. More screaming and he says “It’s all good right?” He said that there are no plans for a follow up song but that he is thinking about it. He said that he might have one or might not have one and even if he did, he doesnt know what song it would be. He then asked if he had to have a follow up song, which one would we choose~More screaming but couldnt tell what people were screaming so he says, what are you saying? what?what?what? He said he will work hard in order to have a solo concert (lots of cheering). He also said that he needs everyone to give him lots of support in order for him to have a concert but at the moment it’s still lacking alot. When everyone reacted to taht, he said he was kidding.

Someone asked him to do a Busan saturi (accent) and he did a gag concert impersonation/skit that featured a saturi~that got everyone screaming haha~ Someone told him to speak in english, so he says ‘Hi!Bye!Thank you! I’m fine thank you, and you?’ He asks one of the staff ‘How much time do we have left?’ but unexpectedly he was told that there’s lots of time XD ~Everyone still trying to scream out different things at the same time and he’s like what are you guys saying? So noisy~~go home~Your parents are waiting for you (joking manner of course). Someone yelled out for him open a Yeolbong in Busan and he said I’ll work it out myself and please dont step in even on the business side of things πŸ™‚ He’s cracking up and says he doesnt know how to end this autograph session. So he says he will end it with a song and that he will sing ‘Understand’. So he sings the first 3 words “ee hae hae” then stops. He says bye and tells everyone to go back safely.

After that I headed off to Busan station myself as my friend was to stay one night in Busan with her friend. It took much longer than I thought to Busan train station via the subway and by the time I arrived it was already 9:25pm. Earlier during the day, I booked a ticket for the 10pm train back to Seoul because train tickets during the day were running out one by one and so I booked it just in case. I thought of booking earlier trains but thought I should give myself more time. I was so glad I booked 10pm because otherwise I would be running like crazy. I walk inside the station and saw that there was a 9:30 train back to Seoul. I walked to queue up at the ticket counter to see if I could change my ticket to 9:30 and if not, just to get my ticket for the 10pm KTX.

So i’m in line waiting and it’s my turn next. Then I sense some tall guy standing next to me so I turn around and look at him and who do I see? Dongwookie’s manager!!! I was like, huh do I have the wrong person? But he was wearing a YG jumper and a metre or two away I see another one of Dongwookie’s manager. At that moment, it was 9:28 already and when the staff at the counter called for the next person, I motioned for him to go first. I vaguely heard him wanting to get tickets for the 9:30 train but I could see that the lady behind the counter shaking her head saying that it was too late. So it was my turn next at another window and I just got my 10pm train ticket. I get my ticket and the manager is still sorting out the tickets and I walk out of the area towards the other manager. I walk a few steps more and behind the pillar, it is none other than Dongwookie!!!Β Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I could hardly believe my eyes!!! I seriously thought he would go back to Seoul via the van because it was in Busan already!!! I approached him and greeted him. Haha he had this smile on his face and I was more like freaking out to myself “What’s with today???!!!!” and he said “Yeah”~I asked if he had eaten and he said yes. He asked if I was goign back by myself and I said yes because my friend was staying in Busan for one more night. I asked if he was going back via the KTX and he said that the manager was working out the tickets. He told me to go back safely. I sorta walked off to the side a bit and rang my friend~haha she was really worked up too and she told me to go up to him to say that she missed him (he knows who my friend is as well since she sees him alot too). I was like, ???That’s embarrassing but…. but I walked up to him anyway and just said ‘XXX said she misses you’~You should have seen his face!! He went from sort of an expressionless face and this huge smile~~ahhhhhhhh Sooooooooooooooooooooo beautifullllllllllllll ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh~

Afterwards, his manager finished with the tickets and they went into a cafe. There were lots of people in there but I felt that if I went it it would disturb him and he would feel uncomfortable so I didnt. I didnt know what to do but my friend gave me a big tip and told me to get them some food and drink for the train trip. SO SMART!!!!!!! So i’m running around like a lunatic trying to find something presentable. I was just rushing rushing rushing~After I got some cookies and a few drinks, I went back outside the cafe and he was signing some autographs for some people. At about 5-10 mins to 10, he walked out with his managers and I approached him. I gave him the food and told him to eat it on the train with his managers. He thanked me but actually looked sorry. He asked if I had eaten and I said no but it was ok since I was not hungry (No duhhhhh as if I would be feeling hunger at such a moment!! haha)~ I continued walking not far behind him and he went was about to go down the escalators to the front carriages (1st class carriages). I could have followed him down those escalators and still gotten to my carriage but I didnt. I just stood like 10m away watching him go down the escalators. At the last moment, he turned his head around to search for me and waved to me πŸ™‚ I went down myself and got on the train.

2 hrs and 40 minutes later, the train arrived in Seoul. I rushed off the train so I wouldnt miss him. I stood on the platform as everyone made their way to the stairs and escalators. Not long after, he appeared and I greeted him again. I asked if he slept well and he said yes with this grin on his face (like sorta embarrassed that I knew he was sleeping). We walked towards the escalators and stairs together. I said since I was going back soon, I dont think there will be anymore chances like this where I can talk to you. The escalators were right next to the stairs and I thought he was going to go up the stairs. I expected him to go on the stairs where there were alot less people to separate me from him and to avoid the masses of people but instead, he motioned for me to get on the escalators first before getting on himself. As the escalators went up I asked if he was going to the YG office tomorrow and he told me straight out that he wasnt going. I asked what about Monday? Do you have any schedules on Monday? I said my flight was in the evening so I could go to something during the day. He turned to his manager and asked if he had any schedules on Monday. His manager replied that he had to go to school. He says to me no then since i’m going to school. I was genuinely surprised that he had to go to school even during his activities so I said, you’re still going to school now? You’re living very diligently! Hehe he smiled brightly and lowered his head at that comment. It’s hard to explain the feeling but in the past if I asked him about schedules, his response is always I dont know, shrug of shoulders and the like. But this time, he really asked about it in a serious way. I was really touched at that.

At the top of the escalators there were a few fans waiting and out of nowhere 2 fan staff also appeared. (they had caught the same train but didnt know he was on it) They were surprised taht he was on the train too. He spoke to the Japanese fans while walking in Japanese and also signed quickly for them before getting onto the van. He thanked the 2 fan staff and said bye to everyone. He said to me ‘See you on sunday!’ in english hahahahahaha I was like, why in english all of a sudden~~ Then he got on the van and left~

that was long huh???? XD anywayz, this one single day made up for my whole trip~!!!CHOI DONG WOOK YOU’RE THE BEST!! <3<3<3

thx for reading πŸ™‚


7 thoughts on “[Fan account+fancam] 120217 SBS Radio+on the plane+Busan Autograph Session+KTX

  1. Thank you for your awesome fan account Cecilia.
    I was wondering if Se7en’s back is still hurting? I remember his back was hurting quite a bit during his album promos in 2010. I feel so nervous everytime he breakdances. Is he feeling better now?

    • Unfortunately the back problem is still there~apparently sometimes it’s worse and other times it’s better~to fix the problem he needs surgery but he doesnt want to have it so he’s survives on painkillers from time to time ><

  2. Best fan account I’ve ever read.
    After reading your account, I believe that you must be a very good person so that God gives you so much luck.
    All Dongwookie’s hard work pays off when he’s earned a fan like you
    Much love

  3. I couldn’t even blink when reading, sure i read your tweets about those meetings but the whole account is much more entertaining, i just can’t help dreaming about being in your place at the time lol
    And i’m so glad Dongwookie actually remmembers you & is thankful for what you do for him, that’s nice from him =)

  4. I have just become a fan less than 2 months ago. I live in London and the likelihood of him coming my way is very low. However, even from afar, I feel the excitement of your account of the day, as if I was next to you, right by your side in all your encounters with him. This is really a fantastic and wonderful account for all of us who do not have the opportunity to see him in person. Please continue to keep up the good work!

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