120228 – 0307 New tweets

(1) 다 지난 일이니 쿨하게 밝히지… 나 인기가요에서… 바지 찢어졌었다 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ http://yfrog.com/z/hwqo8bmj

Translation: Since it’s a thing of the past, i will be cool and reveal this… At inkigayo… I ripped my pants kekekke

mingkki21: @officialse7en 헉!!!깜놀~ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Translation: Heuk!!! That shocked me~kekek

officialse7en: @mingkki21 바람이 슝슝~~~~ 시원해요^^

Translation: [I could feel] the wind going ‘shyoong shyoong’~~it was refreshing^^

lanakkk: @officialse7en 모얔ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Translation: What’s this kekekekekke

officialse7en: @lanakkk 섹시컨셉!!!

Translation: a sexy concept!!!!

(2) 잠시후 밤 11시!!! SBS 강심장 세븐 나옵니다!!! 아주 재밌을껍니다람쥐~ 놓치지마세욧!!!^^ http://yfrog.com/ocdnlvnj

Translation: In a bit at 11pm!! Se7en will be appearing on SBS Strong Heart!! It will be really interesting – squirrel [gag concert parody again]~Don’t miss it!!^^

(3) 정재형 이효리 유앤아이 녹화끝났다 오늘은 춤추다 자켓이 튿어졌다.. 내바지가 찢어지고… 내자켓이 튿어져도라지…

Translation: The recording for Jung Jae Hyung Lee Hyori’s You & I has finished~ Today while dancing, i ripped the jacket..my pants split…and my jacket ripped – balloon flower [gag concert + When i can’t sing parody combined]

(4) 강심장 본방사수 완료!!! 어땠나요?? 저 예능감 아직 살아있습니까마귀!!??

Translation: Strong heart live viewing finished!! How was it?? My sense of humour is still good – crow? [gag concert parody]

(5) BBISVIP060819: [무한알티] 삼일절입니다!삼일절을 기념해 프로필사진을 태극기로 바꾸는 이벤트입니다.외국인들이 보고 놀랄수있도록 많이 참여해주세요!@officialse7en

Translation: RT @BBISVIP060819 [Infinite RT] It’s Samiljeol [March 1st movement day]!  This is an event to change your profile picture to the taegukgi [Korean flag] to celebrate Samiljeol. Please participate lots so that foreigners will be surprised when they see! @officialse7en

(6) 대한독립만세!!!^^ 나는 자랑스런 태극기 앞에 조국과 민족의 무궁한 영광을 위하여 몸과 마음을 바쳐 충성을 다할것을 굳게 다짐합니다 I LOVE KOREA ❤ http://yfrog.com/nt6itvkj

Translation: Long live the independence of Korea!!^^Before this proud Taegeukgi, I firmly pledge my loyalty and will devote my body and soul to the eternal glory of my country and people

(7) 국기에 대한 맹세 나는 자랑스런 태극기 앞에 자유롭고 정의로운 대한민국의 무궁한 영광을 위하여 충성을 다할 것을 굳게 다짐합니다

Translaiton: Pledge of allegiance to the flag~Before this proud Taegeukgi, I firmly pledge my loyalty to the eternal glory of a free and just Korea

(8)  전 미국에서 혼자 국기에대한맹세를 할때 옛날버전으로 했어요 바뀌었다는건 알고있었는데 못외웠어요 미안^^ 재밌는얘기 하나하자면 혼자 미국에서 국기에대한 맹세를 한후에 혼자 ‘바로!! 애국가 제창!!’ 을 외친후 애국가를 불렀다는 ㅋㅋ 아 쑥스러워^^

Translation: When I said the pledge of allegiance to the flag by myself when I was in the US, I said the old version. I knew that it had been changed but I couldnt remember it sorry^^ An interesting thing was when I said the pledge of allegiance by myself in the US, alone, I would shout out,  ‘Now! To sing the National Anthem!’ Then I would sing the National Anthem kekeke~ah embarrassing^^

(9) ME TOO!!! FSHO FSHO~~ “@Realtaeyang: I’m proud of being a korean http://t.co/RwCBwAp8

(10) 오늘 엠카운트다운!!! 노래와는 전혀 어울리지않지만 삼일절을 기념하여 태극기를 들어올려보았습니다!!! 외국인들도 많이 보는 프로그램이라 더욱 의미있는 삼일절 태극기 퍼포먼스라고 생각해주시고 예쁘게 봐주세요^^

Translation: Today’s Mcountdown!! Although it did not go with the song at all, in celebration on Samiljeol, I held up the Taegukgi!! Because it is a program that many foreigners watch as well, please think of it as a more meaningful Samiljeol Taegukgi performance and let me off please^^

(11) 정말행복합니다…!!!^^ “@hyunjeong100: @officialse7en 오빠!!!!저희할아버지할머니가오빠퍼포먼스보고눈물을흘리셨어요…..정말자랑스러워요!!앞으로도부탁드려요!!!”

Translation: I am really happy…!!^^ “@hyunjeong100: @officialse7en Oppa!! My grandpa and grandma watched oppa’s performance and cried…I’m really proud of you!! Please continue in the future too!!

(12) RT @yeolbong2: 열봉찜닭 이대점에서 3/1~ 4/30 두달간 이대생 20% DC 해드립니다.^^

Translation: Yeolbong steam chicken ewha women’s university branch will be giving 20% discount to all student from ewha from 3/1 – 4/30 for 2 months.

(13) RT @YEOLBONG: 열봉이벤트~~🐔 빅뱅 콘서트 축하기념이벤트!! 콘서트티켓을 가지고 오시는분들께 10% D.C를 해드립니다!! (3월한달간^^) 멋있는 빅뱅도 보고 맛있는 찜닭도 먹고!! 🐔전 매장 이용가능합니다^^

Translation: Yeolbong event~~Big bang concert commemoration event!! 10% discount to anyone who brings their concert ticket with them!! (during the month of March^^) Watch the cool Big Bang and eat yummy Yeolbong!! Applicable at all stores^^

(14) 벌써 내일 인기가요 내노못 막방

Translation: Tomorrow’s Inkigayo is already the last stage for When I can’t sing

(15) 세븐 후속곡 투표시작!!! 썸바리엘스 VS 이해해

Translation: Se7en’s follow up song voting starting now!! Somebody else vs Understand

(16) 정말 많은 분들이 “이해해”를 추천해주셨지만 “썸바리엘스”가 압도적으로~ 많은분들이 좋아해 주시네요!!! 이번주 목요일 엠카운트다운 부터 후속곡 “썸바리엘스” 시작합니다^^ 많은 응원 부탁드려요!!!

Translation: Although really alot of people recommended ‘Understand’, ‘Somebody Else’ is overwhelmingly liked by many!!! Follow up song ‘Somebody Else’ will start from this Thursday’s Mcountdown^^ Please cheer me on!!

(17) 이해해 무대 보고싶은 분들은 이번주 일요일밤 정재형이효리의 유앤아이 꼭 시청해주세요^^ 그 외 그런사람 엔젤 메익굿럽 투표해주신 분들은… 콘서트 꼭 오셔야 겠네요…!!! ^^

Translation: To all those who want to see the performance of Understand, please make sure you tune in to this sunday night’s Jung Jae Hyung Lee Hyori’s You & I^^ And others who voted for That type of person, Angel, Make good love… you guys have to come to the concert..!!!^^

(18) SE7EN GQ KOREA March 2012!! http://yfrog.com/h6qhukwj http://yfrog.com/obkunpqj

(19) HOT HOT HOT!!! “@mingkki21: Check This Out !! 2NE1 / SCREAM (Short Ver.) http://t.co/xYkqJyNF

(20) SE7EN!!! 잠시후 SBS 강심장!!! 기대기대^^

Translation: SE7EN!! SBS Strong heart in a bit!!! Cant wait cant wait^^

(21) MBLAQ 이준이 말했다 한쪽 흉점은 괜찮다고!!!! 지루한 일상에 지친분들을 위해 이 한몸 희생합니다!!! 다들 크게 웃어보아요^^ 하하http://yfrog.com/oes6ykxj

Translation: MBLAQ Lee Joon said it~ Just a nipple on one side is ok!! I’m sacrificing myself for those who are tired of their boring daily life!! Everyone laugh out loud^^ haha


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