[News] Se7en did not recognize Boom after surgery

Singer Se7en confessed that he wasn’t able to recognize entertainer Boom after he underwent plastic surgery.

On the March 6th airing of SBS ‘Strong Heart‘, Se7en talked about Boom, whom he attended Anyang High School of Art with.

Reminiscing on the past, Se7en said, “Back then, Boom hyung had debuted as a singer with a group called Nuclear.”

“One time he called me over and asked me to rap for him. When I did, he told me that my rap was the worst he had ever heard,” he continued to the laughter of the guests.

Later on, after debuting and winning on a music program, Se7en had stepped down from the stage to conduct an interview with a reporter.

Watching the program on television later on, he realized that the reporter asking him the questions was none other than his high school senior Boom. Se7en stated, “He had slightly fine-tuned his face, and I didn’t recognize him.”

After causing much laughter on the set, Se7en and Boom then congratulated each other on their respective success, and exchanged phone numbers for the first time in 13 years.

from allkpop


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