[Photos+account] 120325 Fan meeting after Inkigayo

He picked questions written by fans out of a box to answer but as he picked them and read them out, he said jokingly that they were boring questions and that he wasnt going to answer them.

A group photo with everyone was going to be taken but fans whined because they didnt want to take it all together so they were going to take 10 photos in groups of 13 (about 130 people went) but in the end Dongwookie said, you guys all have mobile phones right? So he took self camera photos with each of the fans one by one on their phones!! Wow!

He told everyone that his upcoming single to be released in Japan is called Love Again and sang a bit of it. At first he wouldnt sing it because he said he couldnt remember the lyrics, so he was looking for the lyrics on his phone but couldnt find it. In the end he just sang whatever he could remember anyway. (Dont know if it’s a fast or slow song but I hear that it’s supposed to sound like a fast song)

The single will also include the Japanese version of When I can’t sing which he recorded alone and really liked.

He also said that he’s happy he is going to Japan since he is 27 years old there (as opposed to 29 in Korea).

He also mentioned that he will try hard to make the solo concert happen this year.

Photos and account from se7en dc gallery (ΘΘㅈ + Hea⑦en) & farineli (단한분칠군)


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