[Fan account] 120325 Se7en shows up at Big Bang Inkigayo recording

Big Bang performed Fantastic Baby and went backstage to check how the recording was like. Suddenly fans who were sitting near the entrance started screaming and it turns out that Se7en had come in with a coffee in his hand.

Fans started screaming, ‘It’s Se7en! It’s Se7en!’ so he went ‘Shhhhh!’ and put his finger to his lips. He looked around and asked where Big Bang was and fans told him that they had gone inside to check the recording.

He started doing the dance at the end of Fantastic Baby and asked for a Big Bang glowstick.  So a fan gave it to him and he waved it around. He was like ‘Where’s Big Bang? I came to see them! Come out now!’ [He was joking and pretending to be a fan]

A staff member (or someone that knew him) said that he wanted to get Se7en out of there but Se7en insisted and moved away his hand, which was trying to drag Se7en out. (said jokingly of course)

Fans pointed the backstage direction to him and he returned the glowstick and went backstage.

by rsafrd at Se7en dc gallery


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