[Account+photos+vids] 120419 Men’s Fashion Week in Singapore – performance + afterwards

by @zazayb (Thx!!)

he was sitting w frank at first den he turned back n waved at e fans. e second time he turned back, we waved our se7en album n he gave a thumbs up!! πŸ˜‰ den he moved frm table to table to interact with dancers/noonas(stylist mebe) n also utt sungha jung n megan. there were 4 tables! den lee soo hyuk sat with him. frank asked sungha jung to perform for us right there. so since everyone was focused on sungha jung at e other table, we decided it was e best time to approach se7en and asked for our album to b signed. he said “there’s too many people, i cant sign for only one sorry” but before he left, he turned to the fans and waved n looked at us lol. den he started signing for us so everyone passed their stuff for him to sign. i was e second to pass my album. aftr that, he asked “dyu have magic pen” cos e one he was using wasnt working. so i gave him mine n he signed for the rest n den he said “it’s not working anymore”. haha wen he left, he went down e stairs n smiled n waved at us.. N SHOOK OUR HANDS!!!!!!! πŸ™‚ sweetest n most amazing moment ever β™‘ lol den he left for e club in mbs w frank n lee soo hyuk n e dancers. ^^ he made our night totally!Β he signed e albums frm the top! den he came down wen he was leaving :))

and vids by @MatreshkaCats (Thx!)


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