[Photo+account] 120503 Se7en 7th single ‘Love Again’ Showcase in Tokyo + High five session

Got there at 11am as that was when the goods started to sell and the line was already out the door!!! Unfortunately it was raining so everyone was holding umbrellas while waiting in the line. After getting inside (but still waiting), I still couldnt decide what to buy! In the end I bought everything (excluding the goods from the last showcase and YG concert which I already have)!

After getting the goods, I went back out to eat and to meet up with Chiruru (Japanese fan) to get my showcase tickets for the other cities. But something was wrong with her phone? I couldnt connect to her 9 times out of 10 so i started panicking a bit. Luckily I found her in the end but it was such chaos!

So when it was time to line up, we went to line up in our designated areas according to our numbers on the tickets. My ticket for the first showcase was 1074 and the line for that was all the way outside some 100m away. Ticket numbers were grouped in 300s and I waited with my friends for some 30 minutes or so before it was my group’s turn. It was a bit of an interesting experience because it was done not in the same way in Korea for standing concerts. In Korea, everyone is lined up in exact order according to your ticket. This time in Tokyo though, we just stood in a group. We were led and walked in a group for 100m (or more) by a staff member with a flag ( i felt like I was in a tour group following a tour guide) until we got to the entrance. Once at the entrance they would call numbers in groups of 10. Next to the entrance to the concert hall, there was a staff member with a big sign and he would change the number in 10s signifying which group could now enter. It was quite weird and it was a scramble but still not too chaotic. I would imagine if it was done the same way in Korea, there would be fighting. After entering the entrance, I gave the compulsory 500 yen with which you got a token which you could get a drink with at the bar. But ignore the bar and off I went into the hall where there were some 1000 people in there before me already. There were several railings from the front right to the back and people chose where they wanted to stand. Many people chose to stand further back which was slightly elevated so when I got in I managed to get into a position not too far from the back.

I was surprised at the lack of pushing and shoving around me. I actually had some space! Wow!! Anyway after waiting for awhile, the showcase started with the big screen showing some photos from the Love Again single to the intro of the song. Then he finally appeared with Somebody Else! Now because this is a showcase in Japan, he sang the Japanese version of course. The funny thing was during the 2nd showcase, he actually accidentally sang the Korean version for 2 lines. I actually thought he was going to sing half the song in Korean and I was so excited then I realised that he had done it by mistake. He also noticed his mistake by the 2nd line and the 2nd line ended with a laugh and he missed the line after because of that. LOL It was adorable and so hilarious. Anyway after Somebody Else, he greeted the fans and said that he’s only going to sing 2 more songs because the high five session was going to take too much time lol (sorry since I dont understand Japanese I will skip his talk).  It was then followed by one verse+one chorus of hikari and Style. (Apparently during the first showcase he said that preparing for the showcase, he went back to listen to Hikari and Style (the original versions) and was surprised at how young he sounded).

After this he sang Angel, I’m going crazy then sat down on a stool to sing ‘Understand’. He got up halfway and walked around the stage. I’m very thankful that he really made an effort to walk to the left and the right so that fans could see him more clearly. After Understand, he got the crowd to sing the chorus of La La La in accapella. I was so happy!!Finally a korean song!!!! As expected, La La La went into a remix 🙂 He then went off the stage to change clothes while the making for the PV for ‘When I cant sing’ Japanese version and Love Again (different versions from the DVD) were shown. He came out again and sang the Japanese version of ‘When I cant sing’. At the end of the song when he knelt down at the edge of the stage, he stayed in that kneeling position for awhile before looking for someone to bring him the mike. In the 2nd showcase, he actually sat down at the end of the stage and said that because the dancers were tired, they asked him to stall some time for them to rest but he said he didnt know what to say. In the showcase he did the ‘Melon’ joke here.

During the first showcase, this was about when 2ne1 appeared suddenly! The crowd became all hyped at this. I have no idea what was said because it was in Japanese but they presented him with flowers and said that they were going back to Korea.

Finally it was the last song ‘Love Again’. He explained again how the song is meant to express how he is ‘loving his fans again’. First time seeing Love Again live, I have to say its choreography is even cuter in real life 🙂

With that he disappeared off the stage to which people started chanting ‘Encore’ (in a soft voice mind you). After awhile he appeared again and sang Digital Bounce in the 1st showcase and Better Together in the 2nd. After the song, he got the crowd to chant ‘1,2,3,4,5,6, se7en’! The last song, Passion was indeed full of passion as he worked the crowd. The 2nd showcase I had a small adlib during Passion that I dont think i’ve heard before!

Before I knew it, the showcase had ended and he had gone backstage >< But about 10 minutes later, he appeared on stage again to remind everyone that he would be doing the high five session with everyone and told us what was allowed and not.

And so all 2500 ppl slowly filed through the one exit where he stood waiting to high five everyone. The first showcase I thought of so many things to say to him but I thought since I would have 4 chances in total, let’s just make the first one simple. So when it came to my turn, I high fived him and said in Korean “I missed you!” At the sound of that, he turned his head to look at me then looked surprised and said “Oh! Annyeong!” before high fiving the next person. However I had already taken up too much time and a staff member pushed me along.

Maybe it was too dark or he was out of it but because he didnt recognise me straight after he saw me, I felt a bit disappointed and tweeted him about it. Not that I knew whether he was going to read it or not.

After the 2nd showcase, as we were waiting to go through that exit to see him, I thought hard again about what to say. I was thinking stuff like “Please show that you recognise me”. When it was finally my turn and i step forward and faced him. Before I even had a chance to open my mouth, he had stopped, pointed at me with his index fingers from both hands and in an exclamatory tone and expression, yelled out ‘It’s Cecilia!’


I was so shocked I hardly knew how to react. Without thinking, instead of high fiving him with one hand, i reached out both hands and high fived him and then sorta grasped both his hands like a hand shake. As I started to walk away, I finally managed to blurt out ‘Thank you’

I walked away but I was dizzy and overwhelmed with disbelief. I dont think  walked in a straight line and soon I found my eyes watering. Actually, I was very hesitant in coming to Japan this time because of many factors but went ahead with it in the end anyway. This one single action from him really made up for the whole trip. He really has this way of surprising and touching at the most unexpected times and in the most unexpected way.

Really love this guy so much. Really.

PS Sorry i’ve suddenly used this space to directly confess my love for him haha


4 thoughts on “[Photo+account] 120503 Se7en 7th single ‘Love Again’ Showcase in Tokyo + High five session

  1. So happy for you Cecilia :)!! I’m sure you are 1 of the fans that Dongwookie remembers the most :)! Have a great time in Japan n do share your experience with us if you have the time :)!

  2. 잘 했어요 ….. 단눔이 정말 사랑할 수 밖에 없겠네 …계속 !!! is really real worth it after a word “It’ cecilia” 대박이다 ….. 세븐 만세

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