[Photo+account] 120507 Se7en at Nagoya airport

Just before I even start, I have to say that today was a bit bizarre and crazy 🙂 Although he does like to joke and play around, it’s not often that he’s on a high like this.

So i got to Nagoya airport early and waited for around 2 hrs before he showed up. Since he had a big team of dancers and staff, there were lots of people and luggage. According to fans who were waiting near where the vans had stopped, everyone had gotten out and caught the elevator up to the check in area. He stayed in the van til the last moment and when I saw him arriving in the elevator, he had a black mask on covering his nose and mouth.

He comes out of the lift and his manager to trying to block fans away. As he walked out, he put on a ULTRAMAN MASK. I was like huh?????? At first for a split second, I thought he was getting someone to pretend to be him? But i realised it really was him. So i said, please at least take my letter. And he repeated “You’re saying to at least take your letter?” He took the letter I gave him and continued to walk as other fans gave him presents.

I asked from behind him, Could you please sign an autograph for me? He answered in a playful tone “Of course not” I was like HEUK! But he turned around to take the cd cover and marker from me to sign. It took him some time to write on it as he walked along and I asked him why he was wearing a mask. He didnt reply and he signed for other fans as well. He wrote on my cd cover “Thank you, go back to Australia safely.” One of my friends said she was going to Australia (in the future) but he thought she was going back to Australia (like me) and looked a bit taken back but said to her “Go back safely!” My friend totally cracked up

He got to the check in counter and I watched on in amusement as he did the Ultraman ‘pose’ and gesture/action at the check in counter as a way to greet the staff member behind the counter. I cannot use words to describe how crazy or how hilarious it was! I wish I had it on video! After that he even did a little dance~wahahahahah~he took his mask off for a few seconds so the person behind the counter could see his face as he checked it but after that he put it back on.

Really SO LOL. After checking in, he walked towards the departure gate and I yelled out from behind “Because you’re wearing that mask, we can’t see your good looking face!” He couldnt hear me properly so he turned around and asked me what I said, so I repeated again “I said I cant see your good looking face because of the mask!” He actually replied and said something but because he was wearing two layers (the black mask and the ultraman mask), I couldnt hear what his reply was ><

At the departure gate, he high fived everyone and when it was my turn, I squeezed his hand and he squeezed my hand back (*super squeal*). Then he turned around and was about to walk in but he dropped a piece of paper? as he was trying to walk in and he kept adjusting his mask. At the last moment before he walked in, he turned around to wave to everyone and I yelled out “See you again next time!” HE STOPPED THEN USED HIS INDEX FINGERS FROM BOTH HIS HANDS TO POINT AT ME AGAIN like he did at the showcase high five session. O.M.G. I didnt know how to react again so I just sorta stood dumbfounded.

Even after he had gone in it was really funny because he was going through security and he had to take his mask off but he kept dropping it. lolzzzzzzz he would put it back on then it wouldnt stay on properly. At immigration (you could see all this still from outside the departure gate), he was still taking his mask on and off and adjusting it. It’s so hard to describe but it was just so so hilarious.

PS I heard that when he arrived back in Korea he was also in a really really good mood and joked around with fans! 🙂


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