[Magazine] 120507 Tokyo Headline: Se7en resurfaces with ‘Love Again’

Here are some extracts of what he said:

“Now that I’ve come to Japan a few times, there’s a place here where I can feel at home. In the past when I had time I would go and play but recently, there are many instances where I sleep instead. Although I do go out to eat the sushi which I like.”

About Love Again…

“It is a very bright song with a light tempo. Because I have sung this type of song before and I did sort of miss singing this type of song, this song has more of a refreshing feeling than before. I dont want to get stuck singing one type of song. I like to work on various things so I’m happy that I have such opportunities. This song was one of those opportunities and the dancers helped to finish the song in a fresh way. Before the song was released, fans told me that they liked the song. Because this song is about let’s fall in love, with this song, I want to fall in ‘love again’ with my Japanese fans after 4 years.”

“I lived in the US for 2 years and after returning to Korea, because I was working on an album, the time was not right for me to come to Japan. So it became 4 years – I didnt think it would take this long. In January this year, I came back to Japan after 4 years and I am so happy because of the people who waited for me and cheered me on, receiving me warmly.”

“I dont think that I am suffering or having a hard time. It is troublesome even to talk about worries so I dont even bother, I just do things as I need to…..just kidding (laughs).  I dont consider thinking about things which are needed to make a good album as suffering.”

Interview from tokyoheadline.com

scan/uploaded by mikapbb7


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