[Photo+account] 120506 Se7en arriving at Nagoya airport

So my last stop of my super packed trip to Japan was Nagoya. I flew in to Nagoya from Fukuoka early in the morning to find that there were already a bunch of fans waiting for him at the airport. Now, Nagoya has 2 airports so I was not expecting too much because it’s possible that he might not come to the same airport. But I was going to wait just in case. So I waited for about 3 hours? or so and he arrived! By that time, there were about 30 fans or so there. I was just happy that he had decided to come through this airport and not the other one.

When he came out, he was with his manager and the rest of the crew was nowhere to be seen. He looked so tired so I said to him “You look sleepy!” as I gave him my letter and he replied “I am sleepy” So i asked, “Did you go out last night to play?” to which he replied “No.” I then asked “Did you come by yourself?” (since i didnt see anyone else) and he said “No.” As he made his way to the carpark, him and his manager went on the moving ramp and the security would not let fans get on it so everyone walked beside it and looked at him. Some fan asked him if he had eaten yet and he said no.

When he got off the moving ramp, he suddenly started walking really fast and I had to run to catch up. I told him I was going back to Australia tomorrow and he said “really? Go back safely.” Then I asked if i cant shake his hand and he reached out his hand for me to shake. He reached the escalators going down to the car park and the security stopped the fans from following him. He smiled and continued to wave as he went down.


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