[Photo+account] 120506 Se7en showcase in Nagoya (+after)

I found that fans at the Nagoya showcase was the most passionate out of the 3 cities I went to. They really were very excited to see him. Dongwookie made the mistake of saying taht this was his 2nd time to Nagoya but fans reminded him that it was his 3rd time already. He even attempted to crack a joke saying “Nagoya! 최고야!” (Choi go ya means the best in Korean but he was playing around with the last 2 syllables which were the same)

Since it was the last day of the Golden week in Japan, he said to everyone to gather strength to get back to the daily routine (or something along those lines, i’m only going by what people told me).

Since I am uploading the full file for this, if anyone who understands can translate what he said it would be greatly appreciated 🙂

At the Nagoya showcase for the encore, he sang Digital Bounce instead of Better Together.

And before the high five session he did go on the stage again but since I was further away my photos werent as good as Fukuoka’s.

I was quite nervous for the high five session because it was potentially my last chance to talk to him. I had alot to say but I knew I only had seconds so I kept thinking what I should say and how to say it all before getting pushed along. When it was my turn, I said thank you for everything and korean activities plz – …. I wanted to say, please resume your korean activities soon but I sorta got stuck halfway and couldnt get the words out properly. I was already high fiving him with both hands and grasping his hands but I was so concentrating on what I wanted to say taht I didnt really realise he was trying to talk to me. He actually was saying to me “Go back to Australia well” but I must have looked really dazed because he said it to me like 3 times. Even after I walked away, he turned his head to look at me and yelled out again “Go back to Australia well!”


I dont want to go back


After going outside everyone was chatting and after awhile everyone started heading across the road near the carpark, hoping to catch a glimpse of him as he exited. Before I knew it, hundreds of fans had lined up along the road. Some tried to stand at the exit of the carpark but were shooed away by security guards.

The above photo is just one portion of the people lining up along the road. There were just as many and even more on my other side and the line of people went right around the corner as people hoped to see him when he van went past. After awhile, he came out and stood at the exit of the car park, waving to fans across the road. The street was filled with screams. The atmosphere was amazing. I have to say I have not seen this in a long time since maybe 6 years ago in Korea.

After he waved goodbye, he turned around and got onto the van. Security guards got ready and were on the road to make sure there would be no crazy fans trying to get near the van. When the van drove out, there was more screaming and as the van drove past the fans, you could see his silhouette waving to fans inside the van. As the van drove along the road, there were 2 security guards running along side the van as it went by. Fans continued to scream and run on the pedestrian pathway, chasing the van as it stopped at a red light. So much chaos and screaming! I found this scene to be so amusing because it was like a scene out of a movie and Dongwookie was like the president with his bodyguards running alongside his car to protect him.


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