[Photo+account+Audio] 120505 Se7en showcase + high five session in Fukuoka

Before the showcase started, I waited with a bunch of fans near the carpark hoping to catch him when he arrived at the venue. But boy, he was LATE. The show started at 5 but he arrived at 3:15 ish? We had been standing there waiting for 2 hours? or so. When he finally did come, the van was parked quite far so we couldnt see him very well but we did scream out and he did wave at us from afar.

Out of the 4 showcases I went to, my ticket for Fukuoka was the best and I was able to get somewhere in the middle and not too far. So after trying to jump and look over people’s heads in Tokyo, I was finally able to get a good look and concentrate on his performance. This time round I could finally see his choreography and his facial expressions. My feeling from all his showcases so far is that he is really enjoying himself because sometimes in the middle of a song where he is meant to put on a serious and cool look, he cant help but suddenly smile just out of nowhere and this was something which happened again and again. It was so great to see and made the showcase just so much more enjoyable.

I wont go into details about the song order again because I’ve already done so for the Tokyo one but instead will mention some parts which I noticed but didnt notice before or incidents which happened here. I have got to say that he really has fully grasped the ‘cute’ concept with the single this time. Through out the showcase, he never ceased to grasp the opportunity to show his cuteness (gyaaaaaaa)~For instance, during ‘Style’, he added an extra part in the choreography where he made a ‘V’ sign with both hands and pointed them at his head (hard to explain, but if you have watched the making of Love again, you will know what i mean) which made everyone scream hehe~

Now this day was Children’s day and he asked the audience, so are there any children here? A whole bunch of people put up their hands and he had this “What the??” type of look on his face. It was quite amusing hehe. Then the camera panned to a real kid who was near the front. Dongwookie turned around to look at the big screen behind him and saw that the camera had focused on the boy. So he walks over to the side of the stage where the boy is and squats down and says hi to the boy: “Konnichiwa! Annyeong!” No response. The kid is petrified. “I’m  7 years old. Seven Eleven.” *fans scream* Haha it really was quite funny especially since the kid looked so scared 🙂

A highlight for me was during La la la when the song went to the remix version and I started jumping (crazily XD). He hadnt said “Jump!” to the crowd yet so noone was jumping around me. Obviously I had not realised what I was doing but because I was jumping like a lunatic by myself, it actually caught his attention and during the song he saw me and pointed at me. LOL. I was so excited but at the same time so embarrassed hahahahahaha

Unfortunately since I dont understand Japanese, my understanding depended on what others told me ><

At the end before the high five session he came back on stage again to speak briefly

This time for the high five session, I racked my brains to say something interesting but couldnt think of anything, until the last minute. I thought that it would be amusing to do what he did to me and point at him with my fingers and say “It’s Se7en!” HAHAHA but the thought of it was funny but to execute it…was quite difficult. I was so embarrassed i wasnt able to do it properly. Besides, there wasnt enough time and it was too noisy. Anyway I tried and i’m not sure whether he sorta got what I was doing but he looked at me slightly taken back and I dont know what was going on in my head but maybe I was too embarrassed but instead of high fiving him normally, I used both my hands and slammed his hands in a high five. I hit so hard that it made a loud noise and my hands hurt afterwards. Hahahahahah this is what happens when you are around him.

So after having crappy quality audio in the Tokyo showcases, the Fukuoka one turned out not too bad. However, because I was experimenting with the recording, there is some shuffling which you can hear. On top of that, because on this day I was with people I knew, there was alot of talking so I’ve only cut the songs out. As for La la la, I went so crazy with the screaming and jumping that I decided to cut the latter half of the song (sorry). The Nagoya showcase was recorded alot better (I was more controlled lol) and I’ll be posting that up shortly. But first of all, here’s Fukuoka 🙂

Somebody Else

Hikari, Style, Angel

I’m going crazy


La La La

When I can’t sing

Love Again


Better Together




One thought on “[Photo+account+Audio] 120505 Se7en showcase + high five session in Fukuoka

  1. Thanks so much Cecilia :)!! I have read all the accounts of your trip to Japan this time, thanks so much for sharing!! I’m so happy for you that you get to meet Dongwookie a few times with many memorable moments. Actually, reading them makes me happy as if I meet him myself too hahaha. I’m glad you had an enjoyable trip and thanks again for everything 🙂

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