120514 – 18 New Tweets

(1) 대한항공 기내 메인화면 내사진!!!^^ https://twitter.com/#!/officialse7en/status/201985058582708224/photo/1/large

Translation: Inside the plane of Korean Air, my photo on the main screen!!!^^

(2) officialse7en: @haroobomkum @mingkki21 투애니원 데뷔 3주년 축하해용!!! 앞으로 더더 멋진모습 기대할게요!!! 다라뽕 씨에루 블랙잭 모두 화이팅^^

Translation: Congratulations to 2ne1 for debut 3rd anniversary!!! I will watch out for cooler appearances from you guys in the future!! Dara bong CL, blackjack everyone fighting^^

(3) RT @SE7ENSTAFF_JPN: 「ハッピーMUSIC」出演へのたくさんのメッセージありがとうございます!オンエアをぜひお楽しみに♪収録の合間にSE7ENの楽屋をのぞいてみると… YGEXポイントキャンペーンB賞の特大生写真にサイン中でした。https://twitter.com/#!/SE7ENSTAFF_JPN/status/203361940242841601/photo/1

Translation: Thank you for the many messages regarding the performance on ‘Happy music’! Look forward to the program! Between recording, when we went to Se7en’s dressing room, he was signing the photos for the YGEX point campaign prize B [Note: If you remember, I wrote a note previously about YGEX holding a special event and picking 70(?) lucky winners who bought the single from YGEX and sent the application to them]

(4) Jsmining: 사랑해 ^^ http://t.co/8xGsYwsO

Translation: I love you ^^http://t.co/8xGsYwsO

officialse7en: @Jsmining 병신가찌만머신네

Translation: Although you look like a lunatic, you look cool

(5) officialse7en: @Realtaeyang 사랑해❤

Translation: I love you❤

(6) 태양 생일기념 꼬꼬마 사진!! 아이 기여워^^ ps. 영배야 형한테 잘해라.. 형 하드에 저맘때사진 200장 있어!!! 근데 저게 제일 멀쩡한거야!!! ㅋㅋ 생일축하해!! 사랑해❤ @Realtaeyang

Translation: To celebrate Taeyang’s birthday, Kid photos!! Ai so cute^^ ps. Youngbae ah, be good to hyung.. Hyung has 200 photos from then on the hard drive!!! But this photo is the most normal!! keke happy birthday!! I love you❤ @Realtaeyang


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