[Magazine] 120519 Out of Music (Japan)

The interview is really long and over 7000 words!! Here are some extracts

(About Love Again) I was in America in the last 4 years so I couldnt have activities in Japan but I resumed activities in Japan this year. There are lots of people who continued to wait for me over the 4 years. So to all those fans, I want to ‘Love (them) again’.

(Interviewer: ‘4 years is quite a long time) That’s right. Because it’s been a long time, and we are falling in ‘Love again’, I have the feeling of ‘Let’s start again’.

Since my fans have been accumulating, i’m not starting right from the beginning but because I havent been active in Japan for 4 years, I feel like i am starting again.

Because this single has been released after my comeback, that is my heart as I sing this song. This year, my activities will be centered on Japan and I plan to have lots of performances.

(Interviewer: Balance between Korea and Japan?) Of course, I do plan to have a balance between the two, right in front of me now is my new single so I want to prioritize it. Last month, my album came out in Korea and I have finished those activities and come to Japan. Now it is important to plan my activities for my single in Japan.

I think it will be inevitable that I will be going back and forth between Korea and Japan.

When I perform live, I gain alot of energy from my fans. With that energy, I want to work harder. Because these people believe in me and give me their support, I trust them too.

In my performances or CDs, through PVs or other forms of media, there are messages. So rather than listening to me talk, I hope you watch my performances and listen to Se7en’s music. Because through them, Se7en expresses everything, I really hope you listen for yourself. This is my wish.

Credit to take a break with Se7en


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