120523 New Tweets

(1) 엎드려있는나 올누드같애 오 섹쉬~~ ” @kasabianskc: ㅎㅎhttp://pic.twitter.com/M1XFrhja

Translation: I’m lying down and it looks like I’m all nude~ Oooooo sexy~~~ “@kasabianskc: hehe

(2) CK party at OCTAGON… https://twitter.com/officialse7en/status/205285737669738496/photo/1

Bonus tweet

@cosmokorea: <EDITOR SPY> ‘저도 오늘 캘빈 속옷을 입고 왔는데… 아까 모델들이랑 똑같다고 상상하시면 돼요!’ 라는 멘트로 클럽 안 코스모 걸들의 마음을 발칵 뒤집어 놓은 세븐! 파티는 계속됩니다! 쭈욱~~https://twitter.com/cosmokorea/status/205293526643257344/photo/1

Translation: <EDITOR SPY> “I also wore Calvin Klein underwear today..You can just imagine me looking the same as the male models!” Se7en said this and made the hearts of the Cosmo girls inside the club churn! The party is continuing…right through


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