[Photo + account][HD] 120523 Calvin Klein Underwear 30th Anniversary Party

by CMA @ daum cafe farineli

by Bbong @ se7en dc gallery


And a short fan account by 여우븐 @ dc gallery

He wore a pink vest (?)~so cute TT He sang Digital Bounce and When I can’t sing, then La la la + remix!! Then he said it was the last song and that he was going to sing Better Together but the music for Passion started. He had this “What the?” look on his face but laughed and sang Passion instead the left TTTTTTTTTTTTT Should have sang Better Together as encore TTTTTTTTTTT

During Passion!! He looked at me!! That’s right huh?? It was Passion right? It should be right…my memory is not so good..

Anyway the stage was right in front of me and small so it was cool because I could see him close up TTTTTTT Let’s do this another time!!!!!


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