120526 – 0603 New Tweets

(1) 今日23時よりSE7EN出演の「K-POPアイドル登竜門」オンエアです!今日もテレビの前にスタンバイお願いします!!

Translation: Today from 11pm Se7en will appear on ‘Kpop Idol Gateway to Success’! Stay in front of your TVs today as well!

(2) RT @ceciliase7en [Vid] 120528 BS 11 ‘Korean Love’ – Se7en (Japan) @officialse7en https://ceciliase7en.wordpress.com/2012/05/29/vid-120528-bs-11-korean-love-japan/

(3) 좋은아침^^

Translation: Good morning^^

ganzi78: @officialse7en 웅 최시장도 좋은아침😁

Translation: Eung Choi sajang good morning

ohyongzu:@ganzi78 @WAWASOUL 회장님이시거든!!!!😡@officialse7en

Translation: He’s the president!!!

officialse7en: @ohyongzu @ganzi78 @WAWASOUL 그러게…. 후훗…

Translation: That’s right…. hehe

(3) jhs7987: 오사카 첫날콘서트 마치고 호텔에서 TV보는게 우왓!!!!! 방금 세세세세븐!!!! 오라버니 나왔다잉~~ 러브어게인^^ 하이텍이 아니라 살짝 낯설지만.. 역시 멋지십니다잉+_+ http://yfrog.com/ocs4wutvj

Translation: Finishing the first concert in Osaka, I came back to the hotel and watched TV… oh waaa! Just now seseseseseseseeee ven!! oppa came out~~~Love again^^ Even though it was a bit strange since it was not with hi tech…he’s indeed so cool!

officialse7en @jhs7987 고~~~~뤠???^^ 으하하 콘서트 모두 힘내랏!!!

Translation: Really????^^ haha fighting for concert everyone!!

(4) 벌써 6월이다… 으아악!!!

Translation: It’s already June….ackkkk!!

(5) 오예 드디어 열봉덮밥 출시!!^^ @YEOLBONG: 점심특선 열봉덮밥🍲 출시🐔 점심엔 덮밥 한그릇 뚝딱!!! 내일부터 가로수점 먼저 시작합니다^^http://t.co/1yzOsvo5

Translation: Oh yeah Yeolbong rice is finally released!!^^ @YEOLBONG: Lunchtime special Yeolbong rice released~ A serving of rice at lunchtime!! Starting first tomorrow at garosu branch^^

(5) 좋은점심^^

Translation: Good lunch^^

(6) WOW!!! Over half a million followers!!! Thank u soooo much guys~ Love u all♥ Holla~~

(7) followjyp: Hyerim’s melody in ‘Like this’ is written in major key while the whole song is in minor key. Intentional dissonance…for your information^^

officialse7en: @followjyp love that part!!!!!


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