120608 – 12 New Tweets

(1) 좋은오후^^

Translation: Good afternoon^^

(2) 🐔열봉’순살’찜닭!!! 이건 진짜다…!!!^^ 후훗 @YEOLBONG

Translation: Yeolbong ‘lean’ steam chicken!! This is real…!!^^ hoo hoot @YEOLBONG

(3) 동네에서 우연히 만난 장훈이형!!! 잠시후 밤12시!! 김장훈의 새싱글 ‘햇살 좋은날’ 공개됩니다!! 저도 지금 듣고있는데 참 좋네요~ 모두들 굿 바암^^ http://yfrog.com/khuxqpncj

Translation: I bumped into Jang hoon hyung in the neighbourhood!! In a bit at 12am! Kim Jang Hoon’s new single “A sunny day” will be released!! I’m listening to it now too, it’s pretty good~ Everyone good night^^

[Note: the first pic is from Dongwookie’s twitter and the 2nd one is from Kim Jang Hoon’s me2day]

(3) Weibo started!!! Follow me~~ @SE7EN-YG


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