[Info] ‘You gotta have Se7en in your life’ Se7en Day 2012 Photo Project

Each year on the 7th July, Lucky Se7en celebrates Se7en day! As the man himself has said before, this day is just any ordinary day to others but it is one special day for Se7en and Lucky Se7en.

This photo project is EASY because (1) you dont have to show your face and (2) being a Se7en fan, I’m sure you guys are especially sensitive to the number ‘7’ and will be able to think of a place straight away.

What to do: Take a photo of any place or interesting thing that has to do with the number ‘7’ PREFERABLY together with a chilbong. If you do not have a chilbong, then please draw one and cut it out (please colour it green preferably). Please state where the photo was taken and what/where it is.

Here’s an example

If you dont know where to start looking, here are some suggestions: Street numbers, floor/level numbers, shop names, street names, seat numbers, number plates etc

Send me multiple photos if you think you have a few interesting/funny ones.

I will be uploading the photos in an album and making a slideshow as well then tweeting it to him (in the instance that he does not tweet about it, it will be handed to him in person at a later time)

Deadline: 2nd July 2012

Please send all photos to ceciliaseven7@gmail.com

Nice and simple right???

I look forward to all the weird and funny photos from you guys!

Please leave all your questions here if you have any!!

PS. Some of you must be thinking that we’ve been doing alot of projects for him but since this is his last year before he enters the military, there will be no chance for 2 years. Let’s make it a memorable year for him yeah? Go go go~~~~

PPS. Thanks to Se7enthailand for making up the name of the project LOL


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