120612 – 19 New Tweets

(1) kostyle0324 : 정재용이!!열봉덮밥3시까지자나!!낚였어!!그래서순살시켰어~ (@ 열봉찜닭 (홍대점))

Translation: Chung jae yong!! You said that Yeolbong rice was available til 3pm!! I got conned!! So I ordered lean chicken~ (@Yeolbong steam chicken hong dae branch)

officialse7en: @kostyle0324 순살 굿^^

Translation: Lean meat good^^

(2) iArtweet: #TWITTERART Se7en @officialse7en

╭━━━━▇▇▇▇━━━━━━━╮ ┃┈┈╭╮╭╮┈▇┈╭╮┏╮┈┈┃ ┃┈┈╰╮┣┛┈▇┈┣┛┃┃┈┈┃ ┃┈┈╰╯╰╯┈▇┈╰╯┻╰┈┈┃ ╰━━━━━━━▇━━━━━━━╯

[Note: it’s not really coming out here >< check out his twitter to see how it looks like]

(3) RT @92hyojung_B: @officialse7en 6월17일 안락사되어지는 진도개들의 입양처를 급하게 찾습니다..부디 주변에 좋은분 계시나 꼭 찾아봐주세요..이 여섯마리중에 단한마리라도 생명을 찾을수있도록 간절히 부탁드립니다..http://m.cafe.naver.com/ArticleRead.nhn?clubid=24375533&articleid=124&page=1&boardtype=L

Translation: Looking urgently for someone to adopt these Jindo dogs which are scheduled to be put down on 17th June..Please try to feel kind people around you..I am asking you desperately~even if we can just save even just one of the six dogs

(3) 월요일 7시~ 모두 좋은밤 보내세요^^

Translation: Monday 7 oclock~ Everyone have a good night^^

(4) WGyubin: 777

officialse7en: @WGyubin 응 왜불러?

Translation: Eung why are you calling me?

WGyubin: @officialse7en 하하핫~ 저희 콘서트가 7월7일 7시라서요 ㅎㅎㅎ 에구 이렇게 또 홍보를 ㅎㅎㅎ

Translation: Ha ha ha~Because our concert is going to be on the 7th of July at 7pm hehehe~aigoo So i end up promoting it like this hehe

offcialse7en: @WGyubin 와우!! 기대된다 777 기왕하는거 7시7분7초에 시작해~^^ 준비잘하구!!!

Transltion: Wow!! Looking forward to it 777~You might as well start it at 7:07 on the 7th second~^^ Prepare well!!

(5) RT @SE7ENFANSTAFF: 럭키세븐 스케줄 안내합니다. 06월24일 (일) 20:00 엑스포 팝 페스티벌 (8시 예정) 엑스포 특설무대http://www.ygfamily.com/artist/Schedule_W.asp?LANGDIV=K&ATYPE=2&ARTIDX=16 자세한내용은 확인후 바로 올리겠습니다.여수에서 만나요 #SE7EN

Translation: Lucky se7en, this is information on schedules. 24th June (Sunday) at 8pm Yeosu Expo Pop festival Expo special stage ~ When details have been confirmed they will be uploaded straightaway. Let’s met at Yeosu


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