120626 – 29 New Tweets

(1) YEAH~ http://yfrog.com/z/ocs9jcwhj

WAWASOUL: @officialse7en 너 요즘 점점 어려진다 좋은일있어???

Translation: You’re getting younger and younger lately. Did something good happen??

officialse7en: @WAWASOUL 정사장만 말썽안부리면 나야 항상 좋은일만있지요^^

Translation: As long as Chung sajang [He’s referring to WAWASOUL] doesnt cause trouble,  only good things will happen to me^^

(2) Isseyree: In gym running while listening to Passion by @officialse7en wooooooo  pic.twitter.com/o2U94GcY

officialse7en: @Isseyree haha koooooo!!!!

(3) DIAMOND TEARS by JYP Sounds really DOPE!!!!! Love the design too~ Thanks bruh!!! @followjyp

(4) RT @DBusinessENT: D-Unit MV Teaser MegaBox 영화관 독점 선공개!! 2012-06-29http://www.tvreport.co.kr/?c=news&m=newsview&idx=240049

Translation: D-Unit MV Teaser MegaBox Cinema exclusive preview!! 2012-06-29

(5) SO HOT!!! RT @mingkki21: I Love You.pic.twitter.com/exi6mimO

(6) 울 매형 치과오픈 축하축하!!! 강남역 12번출구 루덴치과!!! “세븐 트위터 보고 왔어요!” 하면 디씨 팍팍 해드린답니다^^ 많이 찾아주세요!! @orthoyeo http://yfrog.com/ob7o5lyrj

Translation: Congrats to my brother in law for opening his dental surgery!!! Kangnam station exit no.12 Ruden dentist!! If you say “I came after seeing it on Se7en’s twitter”, you will be given great discounts^^ Come lots!! @orthoyeo

(7) GamZza: @officialse7en 진작알았으면좋았을껄…이미교정기를낀상태라..바꿀수도없고~ㅠ디씨받을수있는좋은기회놓쳤다ㅎㅎ담기회에가게되면너팔께^^

Translation: If only I had known earlier…I’m already wearing braces..I cant changeover now~TT I missed out on getting a good discount hehe~Next time if there’s a chance for me to go I’ll use your name^^

officialse7en: @GamZza 아이고 까비~ 담부턴 말만하세요!! ^^

Translation: Aigoo gabi~ From next time, just let me know!!^^

(8) 모두좋은주말보내세븐^^!!

Translation: Everyone have a good weekend-7en^^!! [He added the ‘ven’ from seven to the end of the sentence because the 2nd last word was ‘se’. It’s his own sentence ending which he made up]


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