120707 New msg on farineli

안녕 여러분~




7월7일 세븐데이가 또 찾아왔네요


2nd mini album  활동 이후로


럭세와 만날 기회가 없어서 참 쓸쓸하고 보고싶고 하네요^^


활동이 끝났음에도 항상 응원해주고 힘이되주는 여러분들덕에


힘이나고 더 노력하고 싶어지고 하네요~


조만간 여러분들과 함께 할수있는자리 만들어보려고 준비중이니까!!!


여러분들 많이 함께해주셔야해요^^


언제나 밝고 행복한 럭세들 되길 바라구요!!


트위터를 통해서 또 소식 전할게요!!


항상 몸조심 건강조심 하는거 잊지 말구


조만간 뭉쳐요 우리!!!




Title: 2012 se7en day!!!

우리에게만 특별한날 세븐데이에 븐이가 럭세에게!!!




Hi everyone~

It’s been a long time hasn’t it?

7th July Se7en day has come again~

After the 2nd mini album activities, there have not been any chances for me to meet Lucky Se7en so I’ve been a bit sad and I miss you guys^^

Thanks to everyone who always cheered me on and gave me strength even after my activities ended, I have been able to gather strength and I want to work even harder~

Because I am in preparations so that I can be together with everyone again soon!!!

Everyone needs to do this together with me^^

I hope that you guys will always be bright and happy Lucky Se7en!!

I will keep you guys posted on twitter!!

Don’t forget to be always careful of your body and health

Let’s get together soon!!

On Se7en day, this day special to us, from ‘ven’-ee [Note: he’s using the 2nd part of Se-ven and referring to himself in a cute way] to Lucsae!!!!


Translated by Cecilia


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