[Info] Application details for Se7en fanmeeting

Applications for the fan meeting will be taken via EMAIL.

Seats cannot be chosen and they will decided by a random program.

Every applicant can apply up to 2 TICKETS.

If applying for 2 tickets, you must state in your application email that you will have someone coming with you and the details of the second person must be written.

After applying, any cancellation due to personal reasons will not be permitted.

(1) Application period:

2012.7.11 10am – 2012.7.22 midnight

Note: Any mail sent outside this period will be deemed invalid

(2) How to apply

1. Send an application email within the designated period, following the format as outlined

2. After receiving a confirmation email, transfer money to the bank account which you will be informed of.

3. After transferring the money, send a confirmation email to state that the money has been deposited.

4. After receiving a confirmation email that your money has been received, the application process is completed.

(3) Application format

Email: Send your applications to hello7@ygmail.net

Subject of email: [SE7EN 팬미팅신청] Name/ID

Contents of email: Applicant name/LUCKYSE7EN ZONE ID (email address)/Date of birth/Contact number/Address

In the event you are applying for 2 tickets, name of 2nd person/Date of birth/Contact number/Address

*As your ID will be checked at the entrance on the day, the details MUST match your ID

(4) Notes 

1. ONLY Luckyse7en 6th  membership members can apply. For non members, you can still go with a Lucky se7en member but they must be one to apply and not you.

2. All applications must be sent within the designated period and no responsibility will be taken for any applications and deposits which are made outside this period.

3. Seating is NOT assigned in the order that the applications are received and seats will be decided by a random program.

4. After application, cancellation due to personal reasons will not be permitted.

5. Please only transfer the money after you have received a confirmation email. If you transfer the money even though you have not received a confirmation email, no refunds will be given.

6. Only the applicant and the stated partner can attend the fan meeting. ID will be checked at the entrance. Please make sure you bring photo ID with you.

7. Please only apply once. In the case where there are multiple applications, there will be delays.

Translated by Cecilia

from cafe.hello7.com

ps. If there is any part which you are unclear about, please leave a msg


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