120721 – 29 New Tweets

(1) SE7EN 2012 SOLO CONCERT IN JAPAN〜SE7EN THE BEST〜 | 2012年9月16日(日) | 東京国際フォーラム ホールA | #SE7ENhttp://www.ygex.jp/se7en/live/120916.html …

Translation: SE7EN 2012 SOLO CONCERT IN JAPAN〜SE7EN THE BEST〜 | 2012 September 16 (Sunday) | Tokyo International Forum Hall A #SE7ENhttp://www.ygex.jp/se7en/live/120916.html …

(2) RT @se7enupdates [안내] SE7EN 한일 FAN MEETING LUCKY DAY 개최 기념 EVENT 안내! http://bit.ly/MxCVgM  ~ @officialse7en #SE7EN

Translation: [Information] Se7en Korea.Japan Fan Meeting Lucky Day Commemoratoin event info!http://bit.ly/MxCVgM  ~ @officialse7en #SE7EN

(3) “열봉탕!!!”기대하시라^^ RT @YEOLBONG: 날씨좋은 토요일~ 🐔열봉 신메뉴개발에 땀흘리는 @officialse7en 최대표님!!!^^http://yfrog.com/h21n0huzj 

Translation: “Yeolbong stew!!” Watch out for it^^ RT @YEOLBONG A Saturday with good weather~ CEO Choi @officialse7en sweating over the development of Yeolbong’s new menu!!^^

(4) officialse7en: 대박나길바래보아요^^ It sounds greattt~ Go BoA~!!! RT @BoAkwon: 음원 공개됐다네요~~~~ 들어보신 소감 기대할께요 ^^ #BoAOnlyOne

Translation: Hope it does well^^ It sounds greattt~ Go BoA~!!! RT @BoAkwon: The song has been released~~ I’m waiting to hear what you guys think after listening to it^^ #BoAOnlyOne

BoAkwon: @officialse7en 우힝우힝 고마워 오빠 ^^

Translation: hehe thanks oppa^^

officialse7en: BoAkwon NP!! Good Luck!!^^

(5) WAWASOUL: ‘사랑하는 김여사!!! 다음엔 더크고 좋은걸루 준비하리다. 엄마의 사랑하는남편.. 애뜻한 남자친구.. 사랑스런큰아들.. 원하는건 뭐든되어드리지요.. 몸건강히 오래오래 건강하게만 내옆에있어주시오..’ 사랑해pic.twitter.com/zVyvR32O

Translation: ‘My love Ms Kim!!! Next time I will prepare an even better and bigger one. The husband that mum loves… a loving boyfriend.. a lovable big son… I’ll become whatever you want me to be.. Be healthy for a long long time.. Just be healthy and be by my side..’ I love you

officialse7en: @WAWASOUL 형으로써 남자로써 댄서로썬 그냥 완전 별룬데 부모사랑 자식으로썬 세계 일뜽이네~ 멋지다 형!!!

Translation: As a hyung, as a man, as a dancer, you are totally not that great but your love for your parents, and as a son, you’re No. 1 in the world~ You’re great hyung!!

(6) RT @ygent_official: [SE7EN 2012 SOLO CONCERT IN JAPAN~SE7EN THE BEST~] SE7EN will be held solo concert in 5 years to celebrate…http://fb.me/2d4iMsmDC 

(7) WAWASOUL: 12시간째 SBS.. 녹화가 사람잡네 사람잡어..;;; 💀pic.twitter.com/L0RbkuCp

Translation: 12th hour at SBS… Recording is killing me..;;;

officialse7en: @WAWASOUL 모자 기여운데?? 형한테 안어울려 내일 가져와~~~~^^

Translation: The hat is cute?? It doesnt suit you, bring it to me tomorrow~~~~^^

WAWASOUL: @officialse7en 7💍 <=> wawa🎩..👌???

officialse7en: @WAWASOUL 저 닭벼슬 머리했을때부터 열봉🐔을 예상한건가…?? 흠 치밀하군 정사장… http://yfrog.com/kkrc7srj 

Translation: Did you forsee Yeolbong from the time you had that chicken comb hairstyle …? Pay so much attention to detail Chung sajang…

(8) RT @blobyblo: RT 부탁드립니다! http://www.sc.or.kr/goat/main.php 

Translation: Please help RT! http://www.sc.or.kr/goat/main.php [Note: The site is for a charity program for disadvantaged children in Africa]

(9) RT @YUUNA_7: @officialse7en 일본 광고는 세븐 투성이ㅎㅎㅎㅎpic.twitter.com/bNTd0TnJ

Translation: Japanese ad full of Seven heheh

(10) 햇살좋은날 오랜만에 부산나들이!!^^ http://yfrog.com/ocju5idmj 

Translation: On this sunny day, I’m going to Busan after a long time!!^^

(11) RT @YEOLBONG: 열봉이벤트🐔 퉤니원콘서트 티켓을 소지하시구열봉을 찾아주시는 YG팬분들에게 강남.가로수.홍대.이대점.에서7/31까지 10%D.C를 해주라는 7⃣최대표님의특별지시가내려왔습니다 무더운여름 콘서트도보구열봉으로몸보신하구건강하게보내세요~^^

Translation: Yeolbong event! 7, CEO Choi has given out a special order and all YG fans who come to Kangnam, Garosu, Hongdae, Ewha university Yeolbong with a 2ne1 concert ticket will receive 10% discount up til 31st July! During this humid summer,watch the concert, give your body more nutrients by coming to Yeolbong and stay healthy~^^

(12) 이번 투애니원 콘서트 완전대박!! 아직 티켓 안사신분들 서두르세요^^ 바이바이~~ http://yfrog.com/nu48aazj 

Translation: The 2ne1 concert this time is totally daebak!! People who still havent bought tickets yet, hurry^^ bye bye~~

(13) officialse7en: @sbs8news 우리나라 올림픽대표 선수들 아자아자 화이팅!!! 세븐과 YG패밀리 모두가 응원합니다^^

Translation: Aja aja fighting to all the Olympic athletes from our country!! Se7en and YG family are cheering everyone on^^

(14) YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO~ PARK!!!!!!!

(15) SBS 8시뉴스에 나온 내 트윗!!ㅋ 모두들 행복한 주말보내세요^^http://yfrog.com/oet10hnlj 

Translation: My tweet that came out on SBS 8 oclock news!!  keke Everyone have a happy weekend^^

(16) 2NE1 concert is… Another level…!!! 4sho!!!


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