[Photos+detailed account] 120804 Se7en Korea.Japan Fan meeting

above photos by To.행복~ from farineli

above photo by 지혜 from farineli

Here’s more about the fan meet (info is mainly from my friend who went to the fan meet)

The fan meet was held at Yonsei university 100th memorial hall. Outside the hall, before entering the hall, fans were asked to further vote for ‘Se7en best 7’ and ‘Songs you want to hear’ (the pre fan meet events on cafe.hello7.com) using stickers. Seating was randomised but Korean and Japanese fans were seated on separate sections of the hall. The fan meet was MC’ed by a gagman (sorry forgot his name) who was fluent also in Japanese. During the fan meet, he would translate sometimes from Korean into Japanese or if Dongwookie said something in Japanese, he would repeat it in Korean.

The fan meet lasted around 3 hours. He started by singing When I can’t sing and Somebody Else. Then ‘Se7en best 7’ and ‘Songs that I want to hear’ were revealed via a video which Dongwookie had filmed in advance. As each song was revealed, he would sing maybe a line here and there (not for all songs) and introduce some background info for each song eg. who wrote it, when it was written, some behind stories. For instance, ‘The One’ was originally meant to be the title track for the 2nd album since he really liked the song, but then Passion was written and that became the title track. There were plans later on to release ‘The One’ as a digital single but ‘Crazy’ was released as the digital single instead so in the end, ‘The One’ was included in the 3rd album. ‘La La La’ was written in a small room in Japan with Teddy.He also revealed that ‘That Person’ was a song that was considered to be a title track. In the Best 7, songs included Come back to me, I know, I will do well, La La La, Better Together. The results for ‘Songs I want to listen to’ was a bit of a surprise to him and included ‘Drips’, ‘Come back to me Part 2’, ‘Understand’ and ‘Holding Flowers’. He said ‘Drips’ was a R rated songs and teased Lucky Se7en that they like erotic stuff. He also stated that he didnt like the song ‘Holding Flowers’

He answered various questions by fans picked from a box and included questions in both Korean and Japanese. One question was ‘How come when you take selca (photos of yourself), you always take it from the left side of your face?’ (This is why he tweeted the photo of himself after the fan meet with the photo taken from the right side)

A game was then played with the whole audience where 2 fans (one korean and one Japanese) were to be chosen as the one who understood him the most. The game was played like this – a question would be asked eg. ‘When he showers, does he wash his hair or body first?’ Fans would then have to choose answer 1 or 2. Then Dongwookie would reveal the answer himself. Those who got the answer wrong would be eliminated and the game continued until they got to the last 2 people. In the end, when just one Korean and one Japanese fan were left, the last question was asked ‘When he dresses himself, does he put on his pants or shirt first?’ The Japanese fan got it right and she got a cosmetic set as a present and a hug from him. The Korean fan also got a hug.

To follow, there was a handshaking session where each fan got the chance to shake his hand. After this, everyone was seated again and he sang 2 more songs – I will do well and Love again.

During the fan meet, fan message videos (the other event on Lucky se7en) were shown here and there in between different segments as well as behind the scenes footage of the filming of When I cant sing (when the fans took part in the filming).

After this main event finished, Japanese fans had a separate fan meeting at a hotel somewhere for another 3 hours where he took photos with them and signed for them.



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