120817 – 26 New Tweets

(1) RT @se7enupdates: 「SE7EN 2012 CONCERT IN JAPAN~SE7EN THE BEST~」まであと1カ月となりました!!こちらはコンサートの準備中のSE7EN ~@officialse7en http://www.ameblo.jp/ygse7en/  pic.twitter.com/C5FxbcgX

Translation: There is only one month left til「SE7EN 2012 CONCERT IN JAPAN~SE7EN THE BEST~」!This is Se7en preparing for the concert @officialse7en http://www.ameblo.jp/ygse7en/  pic.twitter.com/C5FxbcgX

(2) officialse7en: @IBGDRGN happy bday bruh!!! Hope u hva greaatt day~!!! Holla [Note: This is to GD]

(3) KushAnalog: 으아 아직도 패이스북은 어렵다.. 많이 늦었지만 샹일 축하해주신 분들 다 고마워요 ! 피싸웃

Translation: Ahh Facebook is still hard to use..a bit late but thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday! Peace out

officialse7en: @KushAnalog 너 생일 언제였는데ㅠ

Translation: When was your birthday TT

(3) kasabianskc: 콜라사먹으러 가야지!! pic.twitter.com/J0BdQdwG

Translation: I’m going to go out and buy coke to drink!

officialse7en: @kasabianskc LA 완전 부럽다 ㅠㅠ 내대신 인앤아웃 더블더블 애니멀 스타일 하나 꿀꺽해죠 ㅠㅠ

Translation: Totally jealous that you’re in LA TTT Gulp down an In and out double double animal style for me TT

(4) officialse7en: @VERBAL_AMBUSH wassup bruh!!!! happy bday!!!!!!! Hope u hda good one!!! Hope to c ya sooon!!! Holla

(5) psy_oppa: Thank GOD!!!!~~ Psy at Dodger Stadium! Gangnam Style!:http://youtu.be/jz4H5WI6bvY  @youtube 에서

officialse7en: @psy_oppa 우리형 월드스타형이야~~~~~~^^

Translation: Our hyung is a world star ~~~~~~^^

(6) GD is coming.. RT @IBGDRGN: Check this Out Yo!! “ONE OF A KIND”MV 1st.teaser! 8/25 more..and more..! http://fb.me/1zKvXDB0U 

(7) 세븐 공중부양!!! http://yfrog.com/h76a5ggj 

Translation: Flying in the air!!

(8) 수능 D-77 !!!!! 세븐이 응원합니다^^ 저도 요즘 수험생마냥 공부중인데ㅋ 모두 열공하셔서 다같이 원하는 대학에 합격하시길 바래요!!! 수험생 여러분들 뽜이팅~~~~

Translation: University entrance exams D-77! Se7en is cheering you on^^ I am also studying lately like a student taking exams keke~ I hope that everyone will work hard and get into the university that you want togther!! Fighting to everyone taking exams~~

(9) 오늘이 음력으로 7월7일 이라네요!! 음력 세븐데이를 맞아서 베스트앨범 자켓사진 한장 공개^^ “SE7EN THE BEST” http://yfrog.com/mmbmepzj 

Translation: They say it’s the 7th July via the lunar calendar!! On this lunar Se7en day, revealing a photo from the jacket for “SE7EN THE BEST”^^


(10) KOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! @IBGDRGN ONE OF A KIND!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rJnICByeL8Q&feature=youtube_gdata_player …

(11) ianizing: 자고 일어나도 잘생겼네 이놈!! 일요일 낮에 자뻑 중 ㅋㅋ 죄송합니다 제가 요즘 제정신이 아닌가봐요ㅡㅡㅋ keep your head straight Ian!! 모두들 평안한 일요일 되시길~ pic.twitter.com/S8QAfi1B

Translation: This guy that looks good even after he wakes up from sleep!! Getting carried away about myself on this Sunday keke~ Sorry lately i’m not in the right mind ㅡㅡ keke Keep your head straight Ian!! Hope everyone has a peaceful Sunday~

officialse7en: @ianizing 제정신아니네

Translation: Seems like you’re not in your right mind

Sj861117sj: @officialse7en ㅋㅋㅋ

Translation: kekeke

officialse7en: @Sj861117sj 잘살고있느냐

Translation: Are you well

Sj861117sj: @officialse7en 그럼여 ㅋㅋ형은? 저번주에 열봉가서 밥먹었는데 흐흐~~

Translation: Of course keke ~what about hyung? I went to eat at Yeolbong the other week hehe

officialse7en: @Sj861117sj 같이먹자ㅋ

Translation: Let’s eat together ke

Sj861117sj: @officialse7en 렛쯔꼬!!

Translation: Let’s go!

Sj861117sj: @officialse7en 아형 왜 밀땅해여…….ㅠㅠ

Translation: Ah hyung why are you pushing me away and pulling me back (ie playing hard to get)…. TT

officialse7en: @Sj861117sj 밀땅아님 걍 미는거임!!

Translation: I’m not playing hard to get but just pushing you away!!

(12) “SE7EN THE BEST 2012. 09. 05 Release!!!” http://yfrog.com/nyb8nyjj 



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