[News]Se7en to visit Taiwan with ‘Loving Tour’

Korean star Se7en will be coming to Taiwan for the first time in 6 years. Through his ‘2012 Taiwan Loving Tour’, he will be meeting fans in a fan meeting on the 23rd September at the ATT Show Box in Taipei. With this ‘Loving Tour’, he will show fans how much he loves Taiwan.

It has been nearly 10 years since his debut in 2003 and he plans to sing 7 songs at the fan meeting including his debut hit ‘Come back to me’. He said he wants to sing this song the most to Taiwanese fans as this song means alot to him since it made him famous.

One feature of the fan meeting will be that he will be taking individual photos with each fan, no matter how many fans come. He will also be preparing some small gifts to give to fans through lucky draw at the fan meeting. In order to show his gratitude for fans’ support and love, he said “Fans have given me so much love, so in order to be able to communicate with them a bit better, I’m learning Chinese bit by bit. Hopefully in the future, I can communicate with them more freely.”

Source: ET today.net华视新闻网 via hello7.cn

Translated by Cecilia


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