‘Se7en the Best’ concert goods + info

Pink chilbong 1,300 yen

Face Towel 2,000 yen

Tshirt (S/M) 3,000 yen

Keyholder 2,000 yen


Tote Bag 1,800 yen


Mirror 1,600 yen


Hair tie (3 colours) 700 yen each. Colour cannot be chosen


Bracelet 7,700 yen.

Produced by Se7en – Limited edition. All bracelets have a serial number (sold in random order)

Watch out for a message and autograph on the receipt when you purchase concert goods at the Tokyo international forum where the concert is held.

Also if you spend over 4,000 yen, you have a chance to win a limited polaroid (only available at concert venue) – will be shown on receipt.

Goods will start selling at 2pm on the concert day and it is recommended that you purchase beforehand as it can get chaotic during and after opening of the concert.

Goods are scheduled to be available from the YGEX eshop from 18th Sept.




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