[Vid] 120907 NTV Trick Hunter 3 – Se7en cut + full show


Find out!Trick hunter 3 ~ Supernatural power, the magic and crime in the world

Se7en cut

by yukiestate

Here is an english translation thanks you @yukiestate

mc : Another BIG guest is here. Super popular artist SE7EN from Korea.
7 : Hello I’m SE7EN.
mc : SE7EN is related with V.I isn’t he?
V.I : Yes he is my big senior of the same management company.
mc : have you two been in same program before?
V.I : No. This is the first time even in Japanese.
mc : ha ha
V.I : He is really good at singing and dancing.
mc : You suddenly acted like a young brother. You were more active just before though.

7 : Japanese manga is so popular in Korea. I used to read them a lot since I was a little kid. SLAM DANK, DRAGONBALL and SHOTA’S SUSHI.
7 : I started to love sushi because of it.
V.I : SE7EN sunbae is so great.
mc : What is SE7EN sunbae? ha ha

full show


by JapanCH on youku


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