120916 Se7en the best concert setlist

2012 Se7en Japan concert – Se7en the best set list

1. Crazy
2. I wanna…
3. Better Together
4. Digital Bounce
5. I’m going crazy
6. Last of Diary
7. Understand
8. Love Again
9. Somebody Else
10. 君だけに (Kimi dake ni)
11. Forever
12. Entrance
13. Angel
14. Style
15. If Ain’t Got You with Gummy

16 & 17. Gummy solo performance

18. I’ll do well (잘할게)
19. When I can’t sing
20. 会いたい (Aitai)
21. Come back to me
22. La La La
23. I Know (난 알아요)
24. Passion

25. Hikari
26. Startline

Encore 2
27. Entrance


6 thoughts on “120916 Se7en the best concert setlist

  1. Hi, Cecilia,
    I have a message from a Lucky SE7EN Fan Staff, Youjin, who was so moved by the fact that this concert was realized after a group of Japanese fans submitted a petition to AVEX. Because people from all over the world read your blog, I’d be really grateful if you could post this message. Thank you! It’s for anyone and everyone who wishes additional “SE7EN THE BEST CONCERT”! Hope additional concerts will be realized not only in Japan but all over the world!!! \(^o^)/ By the way, everyone I heard (I couldn’t go. T^T) said that the concert was just so incredibly wonderful that it’s a sin to end it with just one performance!!!

    Here’s her message:
    Dear Lucky SE7EN,
    Please voice your request for SE7EN’s additional concert in Japan to AVEX customer center (0120-85-0095; 11AM~6PM Japan Time). Let’s put our forces together and make it happen!

  2. Hi, Cecilia!!!
    Please upload the file of se7en’concert audio one more time !!!! I foget to download it. oh my god !!!! Please Please!!!!

  3. Hello, Cecilia(*^_^*)
    Also me~Please upload the file of se7en’concert audio one more~
    I foget to download it too(T_T)

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