[News] Se7en transforms into comedian in Taiwan

Korean star Se7en has not been to Taiwan for 6 years and at his first appearance, he transforms into a comedian. Yesterday at the press conference, he was on a high and took big bites of the egg yolk moon cake, saying it tasted like Peking duck, and even forced the host to eat. He said he wanted to have a french kiss with a fan and even pretended to pick the ‘lucky one’ from the audience below, making everyone double over in laughter. He said nervously afterwards “I’m not like this in Korea.”

27 year old Se7en has not been to Taiwan since the Golden Melody Awards six years ago when he was a performing guest. When he arrived in Taiwan for his 4th visit yesterday, over a hundred fans welcomed him at the airport. He greeted the fans warmly and signed autographs for them.

Yesterday during the press conference, he showed off his humour and said that the egg yolk moon cake tasted like Peking duck and that the 5-grain moon cake had a coffee taste, making everyone burst into laughter. Fans kept making heart shape signs with their hands and he said he would not mind having a French kiss with them. He nearly even jumped off the stage but stopped and said “I’m sorry” in Chinese.

6 years ago he tasted stinky tofu in Taiwan and at the mention of the word ‘stinky’, he used his hand exaggeratedly to make a stinking motion and used chinese to say “Very stinky! very stinky! Can’t eat this!”

He will be performing at the ATT Show box at 6:30 tonight. Tickets can be purchased at the venue.


Translation by Cecilia


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