[News] Se7en thanks everyone for the warm reception in Taiwan


Se7en held the ‘Se7en Taiwan Loving Tour’ recently and after the fan meeting, he went to celebrate with staff at a restaurant. Fans also followed and the restaurant was packed with people.

Se7en himself is a food lover and is interested in all kinds of different food, especially chicken dishes. The restaurant especially made the food spicier and richer in taste just for Se7en which increased his appetite. He ate extra rice and said “This taste is very special, very different from Korean food!”

The restaurant prepared extra dishes for him especially, including date and red bean buns with a ‘7’ on them,and a sweet melon cup (the one in the photo) with the word ‘seven’ stuck on it in crystals which made him very happy.

Fans were seated outside the VIP room and screamed when they saw Se7en as well as taking photos with the dancers who passed by. After the meal, Se7en and the staff had a private schedule before returning to the hotel.

On the morning he was leaving, he packed his bags with his manager and discussed the gifts which his fans gave him including Taiwan specialties Kinmen Kaoliang liquor, walnut cupcakes. For this trip, fans also prepared cup noodles and snacks from Korea and Taiwan for him to eat when he wanted to. Se7en packed everything he had not eaten and took the fans’ love with him back to Korea.

He arrived at Terminal 1 at the Taoyuan airport to return to Korea and at the airport, 30 or so fans were waiting to say goodbye to him. While he was waiting for check in procedures, he stood at the entrance to customs to say goodbye and wave to fans.

Se7en smiled happily and is very satisfied with his trip to Taiwan this time. He asked MK entertainment to tell everyone that “Thank you to everyone for your warm reception and I’ll be back to see everyone if there is an opportunity!”


translated by cecilia


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