Love and forgiveness (thoughts of a Se7en fan)

This is the first personal post that I’ve written here ever since this blog was started. I do not wish to comment on the current situation but those who do follow me on twitter might have read about some of my thoughts already.

As humans, we all make mistakes. We sin. We do things which we know are wrong. It doesnt mean that we gloat over the wrong and pretend it’s right. But I strongly believe that in any relationship there should always been love and forgiveness. There are people who are disappointed, upset, angry. And then there are those who are confused, worried, anxious. Whatever you feel, may I ask you to look onto him and others with understanding, love and forgiveness. To him, because he is just like any other human, and just as we would not abandon family or loved ones easily when they make mistakes, I pray that we give him patience and love during this difficult time, as he learns from this situation. And to others, no matter what people might say, remember that there are people who might feel betrayed, angry or confused. They are too, humans who have emotions.

I pray that during this time, we will show patience, love and grace. Don’t only remember the wrongs but also the good times. Don’t only think of receiving love but also giving love. Don’t worry too much because God is in control. Dongwookie will be fine, we know what a positive person he is. This will be a hard blow but things will always be alright.

The moderators of the this blog – Kasy, Pu, Oummy; and myself, will stand by Se7en and give him our love and support during this difficult time. I pray that amidst all the turmoil and craziness in Korea, this post will be a stream of light.

With love,

PS I invite you to leave your messages of support here, never know if he might see this!


28 thoughts on “Love and forgiveness (thoughts of a Se7en fan)

  1. Even though i know he did wrong i can’t hate him because i love him too much and every human makes mistakes and do stupid actions

    it’s sad that some “fans” drop him now so fast… as a real fan you should stay by his side especially in hard times so i’m happy to see that so many still support him and that i’m not alone with my thoughts

  2. We are all humans. Which one of us can raise our hands and say that we are perfect?

    I will always stand by Se7en. During the darkest time of my life, I “discovered” him. His music and voice lifted me out of my very own abyss. This is what Se7en means to me. This is how much he means to me.

    He does need to look any further for true fans. We are here.

  3. Thanks Cecilia. This is the most wiser comments I have seen since the controversy.

    He is part of our life, our family. So we will always give him our love and support, no matter how hard the situation is. As we believed, he will always stay positive, and together we can overcome this hard times.

    I hope our voices and support can reach him. I tried to post to him a encouragement letter by mail. But couldn’t find the mailing address in English. Hope that someone can help. Thanks.

  4. I also will stand by Se7en
    Will support him
    Want to share this most difficult time together
    I understand what’s happening to him,and have to face it..
    No matter what will happen in the future
    Love SE7EN,Understand him..

    Thanks Cecilia …always…

    • no matter what happen..i still love seven n support him where ever he is…everybody make mistake..not all are perfect…stay healthy n be strong…God always with u…seven fighting!!

  5. 2nd day after I heard the news, I share this quote on my Facebook, as my thought to support him,..

    Wise owl say :
    ” I know things are hard right know. You are going to be okay. But it might take a while, It might be scary, and you might want to give up. Don’t give up, you can do this. Things won’t be this forever.”

    Keep strong and survive,..Se7en..mistake is a another kind of lesson in life,..just learn from it,..fighting ^_^

    I actually sad, but I realized that we are human, there are space for mistake in our life, and from that mistake, we learn another lesson to become better…better,..better person….I’ll keep support you, because we are not only your fans, but we also your friends and even your family…^_^

    ( I’m sorry for my English, I try so hard to write it correctly, hope you can get my point…^_^)

  6. I don’t really know how I feel about this..
    I mean, in the beginning I loved Dongwookie’s voice&music so much and then I knew about how kind to his fans he is so I loved him more. Each time you, Cecilia, wrote a post describing your encounters with him, I’d be like “wow, he’s such a good person”.
    And contrary to some other fans, when his relationship with his girlfriend was revealed I respected him even more thinking “so such faithful guys still exist, such love still exists”

    But this? I was so disappointed & sad 😦 😦
    I would have understood him right away if it was like 5 or 7 years earlier, if he was a young, suffocated celebrity.
    He knows how serious military service is in his country, he has a girlfriend (at least publicly).
    I think forgiveness won’t come to me easily this time because what I hate most from a man is cheating on his woman. Even if they broke up, military rules shouldn’t be broken easily.

    I know I’ll forgive him some time but it’s just not now. Maybe because I respected his too much.
    I know too that, as a Korean celebrity, he would never live out this scandal.Even if fans forgive, other people won’t.
    Sadly, Se7en’s career is over & I’m even more sad about that.

  7. Thank you for this post. I wont lie I was shocked and scared when I first heard the issue and I was also disappointed but that wont make me leave Dongwook oppa. I know now more than ever se7en needs our support, trust and love. I feel bad that there are people who are quick to judge se7en oppa. They dont even know him and they have already created this awful persona base on the articles and video. Amidst all this I just want to let se7en know that I am here to support se7en and pray that he will move forward from the issue with much more maturity.

  8. Thank you! You just wrote what/how I actually feel about this case. The fact that this happened is unfortunate but doesn’t change my feels towards him; as a loyal fan. He was the 1st Korean artist that got me into the k-culture since the beginning and I’ll support him as I have for years.. ‘cuz he’s more than an idol to me, this maybe sounds silly to some ppl but really, Dongwook and LuckySe7en are like a family to me even tho we’re from different countries & cultures but that’s how I feel about it. Through a hard time like this we should only forgive him and give him our support. As you said: Love and forgiveness. Simple as that.

    I hope from the bottom of my heart that after the investigation results everything will get better.

  9. Hi onnie, I’m the admin of Hello7VN – Se7en Vietnamese fansite.

    It’s overwhelming the past few days and I know how hard it is to stay strong especially for well-know fans who their opinions might affect so many people and I’m glad that you wrote this message and I thank you for that. All Lucky7 in Vietnam are still very supportive and said they will always be by his side which I’m so grateful to hear that.

    As for the fans who already left, I just hope that it’s just something they do at a moment they let their emotional take over. For the past 6 years, there are so many tears have been shared between Se7en and fans, we’ve been through the good, the bad and I don’t believe someone could just let go that easy. Just one click away and you’ll never hear about your loved one anymore, I want to believe one day they will comeback. However there are a lot of those who pretend to be Se7en’s fans commenting very hurtful words that I know a fan will never do that to their idols no matter what they did, so I hope more Lucky7 could step up and show him more love because he really need it. He’s gonna be fine and may this hard time bring us even closer than before. We are one and always No.1!

  10. I do always stand by you side,se7en.Please be brave as we will always be your backup,don’t worry too much but be honest,we shall take every part of you.We love you as how you loved us.This is the hard time but I believe we can go through this together.Life is full of ups & downs,I pray for your best.As ceci said,God is in control.You’ll be alright.To whom reading this,either u’re a lucky7 or not,please share this post to your friends.Please calm down and stop blaming others.You can express your angry & disappointment but don’t blame..I believe there are still most of us choose to stay with him for this critical time.We,lucky 7s will always love him,forgive him if he made mistake,accept him as a whole.He is just human being.
    (Very personal thought:this is not a very huge deal,a personal mistake but he actually hurt no others physically.Stop magnifying his mistake,be rationale to accept the news.)

  11. “To him, because he is just like any other human, and just as we would not abandon family or loved ones easily when they make mistakes, I pray that we give him patience and love during this difficult time, as he learns from this situation.”

    Thank you Cecilia. This post and particularly the part I quote above sum up everything that I want to say since the news broke.

    I have been a fan of Se7en since 2010, when he made a comeback with Digital Bounce. That’s not a very long time being a Luckyse7en compared to most (if not all) of you here. I don’t easily become a fan of anyone, and Se7en is the very first artist from Korea that I stan and call myself a fan of. He led me to the world of Korean music, and the discovery of him and his music came along during a very difficult and depressing period of my life. It’s not an exaggeration to say that he and his music lifted me out of that abyss in my life. And since then, I have always found strength in him, in his music, in supporting him and in just loving him.

    When the news broke, I was devastated. I can’t say that I’m not disappointed, because I thought that he’d have the maturity and responsibility not to act in such a manner. Regardless of what may or may not have happened inside that place, just the act of going in such a place alone is wrong to me. He made a grave mistake, and I think all of us, the fans who are left, will readily admit that.

    It hurts to see how his name made headlines for all the wrong reasons. It hurts to see people ruthlessly tearing him down on news articles and the likes. And it hurts the most when I think of what this means for his future. But I never once thought of leaving him. I’m heartbroken to see fans leaving him, but I know I am not going to do that. My love for him is simply too much, and my loyalty as a fan, though hard to be earned, is equally hard to be lost.

    As a fan, my stand on this matter is this: I’m very disappointed he did such a gravely wrong act, and I hope to hear an explanation of what exactly happened that day and why. I also hope that he will seriously reflect, repent, learn from this mistake and become a better person as a result of this trial. And more than anything, I hope he knows that there are fans of his who do not abandon him, who stay with him, continue loving him, support him and believe in him.

    Thanks Cecilia once again for this post. I hope you, Kasy, Pu and Oummy know that you are not alone in staying with him and supporting him. Count me in (and those who posted above me) as well πŸ™‚

  12. Although I consider from the beginning, I think that this was that the expectation by the side of the program production of SBS makes it know that an entertainments soldier differs from a general soldier. Therefore, it was just as the SBS side expected that se7em just did that action. The public opinion taken to task on a target on the other hand without also hearing something to say from the entertainments soldier side is very regrettable. I think that things require thinking-from all sides approach. It is an equal view. However, I believe his humanity too, receive, and no matter what determination may be given, I believe in him.

  13. No matter what happens, I will always keep supporting our Dongwookie. This is what lucky se7en supposed to do. Let’s keep praying and giving him our love. :’) Dongwook oppa HWAAIIITTTIIINNGGG~~ ^^ ❀

  14. “You’ll be right and everything gonna be fine”

    I’ve always told myself everytime when I had a hard

    problem and this sentence I’ll tell you too

    “SE7EN if we just stay together everything gonna be fine you’ll see”

    Go through to yourself and please stay strong,Please

    Your fan always supported and have forgiveness to all the thing you’ve done so do no be upset and sadness.

  15. Just exactly like my twitter account name: 7_4ever, I will stand by his side no matter what. Although i was a little bit angry at first, I then came to realize he is just a human being, like any of us and humans make mistakes.
    I believe that he is a good person. In this incident, i reckon he had no idea of the actual business of the place he went to….Sometimes we committed a mistake that we did not have the vaguest idea of what it was until later. I am not saying that he’s totally right. Even if he did not know, he still did wrong for breaking army rules. And cuz of this, he might be fined, might be punished..Yet as a fan who loves his music, I will continue supporting him.
    I wish him all the strength to go through the storm. Now my heart aches more thinking of what future will bring him in both his career and his relationship with his girlfriend. Hope they are both strong enough to overcome this together.

  16. honestly, i dont think i even know 1/4 of this issue. i mean all i know are the articles that aren’t even half of the story what more are the translated ones. (since i’m an international fan who doesn’t understand hangul)

    the night when i read the news, exactly a week ago, my heart broke. i may not love him like i love my family and friends but i love him and look up to him. that’s one reason why it hurts so bad, i look up to him, a lot does as well. Minzy of 2ne1 says he is her ideal type. Bigbang, 2ne1 and other juniors look up to him as a sunbae and as a friend.

    i’m also a fan of his relationship with his girlfriend, the trust, the security they both have of each other, the privacy they have and how perfect they are, how perfect of a boyfriend he is. so the issue that hits that hurt badly and right now i’m still holding on to the fact that i dont know anything. so if it’s real it’s gonna hurt more. they’re one of my favorite real life couples in the world! and a lot are jealous of their relationship.

    anyway, i’ve watched the videos that i dont even understand. i saw one with him outside the said bar and the other which is when he hurt the tv crew. maybe i’m being bias but the reporter was so wrong with his attack. but even if i didn’t saw se7en’s face then i felt like he was so down. questions ran in my head, is he regretting it? what is he regretting exactly, if so. is he thinking what his family, girlfriend and friends would think and feel? and all i just want to know is why? or what is happening? why is he out? why is he doing those things? what is he doing in that massage parlor?

    i just wanna hear reasons. whatever it is. be it the truth, half of it, a quarter or lies. i just want to hear something from his side. the truth might hurt but i prefer that. maybe i just want to understand 😦 it’s just maybe i got this se7en in my head who is so perfect with his flaws that i didn’t expected this kind of issue. it’s disappointing to be honest. i dont even know if my disappointment and hurt is my fault since i view him so perfect. but honestly i still have faith in him, i still love him, believe in him, like him, respect him. even after all this, whatever the reasons are. because that’s just the way it is for me. the looking up to part may need a little re-evaluation (HAHA).


  17. μ„Έμƒμ—μ„œ λͺ¨λ“  것은 λ³€ν•΄μ§ˆ 수 μžˆμ„ 것같닀. μ‚¬λž‘, 감정 등도 κ·Έλ ‡κ²Œ ν•œλ‹€. 근데 제 λ§ˆλ¦„ 속에 μ„ΈλΈμ΄λ‚˜ λ™μš±μ΄μ—κ²Œ μ‚¬λž‘κ³Ό 믿음, μžλž‘ λͺ¨λ“  κ²ŒλΌλ„ λ³€ν•˜μ§€ μ•Šμ€λ‹€. 이 게 제 약속이넀.

  18. Hey, Se7en. You’ll get through it. It might take a while, but I know you can do it. Everything will be okay. You still have people by your side that’ll support you through it. There’s probably way more to the story than what we will ever know. You were just in the wrong place at the wrong time, that’s all. I know this wouldn’t be something you’d act on your own (what any new soldier would act on their own to be honest) UNLESS other soldiers suggested the idea, so you’re not entirely at fault, alright? It’ll be okay.

  19. Se7en, I trusted you from the beginning and knew that you weren’t that kind of person. The stress and tiredness probably got the best of you and you just wanted to have some time to relax. These 10 days will be a good time for you to reflect on your actions and to truly find yourself. LuckySe7ens know that you are truly a good person and that you would never want to hurt anyone. People can be so harsh with their words. It can be really upsetting, especially if they don’t fully understand the situation or if they don’t know anything about the person. I am still cheering you on and I will always be your fan no matter what happens! Fighting! ^^

  20. We’ll always beside him, to support and cheer him. We’ll always love you as SE7EN and also as Choi Dong Wook. He will be in our heart forever.

  21. Se7en have all my support, I will always be your fan … we are human and everyone can make mistakes but we can rectify it and move on … I look forward to your return … your Mexican fans love you!

  22. This might be late since I’ve been living under a rock for the past year, so I humbly apologize.

    I’ve been a fan of SE7EN for like…7 years now and was hurt of what he did since I understand how the military rules work, I used to be in the army rotc so I found that really disappointing, but that doesn’t make me lessen my love and support for him.

    I was hurt but I also knew he was a man. I know how men’s brains work since I’m living in a male dominated family. Se7en and company wasn’t the only one who’s at fault, the paparazzis were also liable. They really didn’t have the reason to stalk them. And people shouldn’t really judge instantly and remember that they’re humans; not gods, therefore can also make stupid mistakes. Fans that are saying he’s the worst are nothing but delusional and self-righteous hypocrites

    No matter what happens I will never leave Se7en’s side. He will always have all my love and support.

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