[Fan Account]160705 Se7en at Gimpo Airport

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I was going to write a more substantial account but thought that I will just share some highlights instead.

  • When he arrived in the van, his manager had gone inside first. I was waiting around for him to actually get out of the car. After awhile, he wind down his window and waved to me. I walked over and we chatted for a bit. He noticed it was raining and told me to go inside first.
  • I was nervous (!!) and couldn’t talk properly. So he kind of switched to English a bit (I persisted in Korean) before switching back to Korean.
  • I said it’s been a long time, but you look the same, you haven’t aged one bit! He didn’t say anything but shook his head and smiled.
  • He asked, so where do you live now? Do you live in Thailand? I was like, huh?????? So funny
  • He asked what I’m doing in Korea, and I said I’m catching up with friends. He said, you have friends in Korea??? (HAH!) I said like Lucky Se7en who I met before and he was like… “Ah…”
  • I asked if he could sign something and he took the paper and started writing my name. I said I thought you might not remember my name and he kinda smiled/laughed himself (very cute!)
  • I said I don’t know when I’ll see you again and he told me to take care and stay healthy. After he went in, he was lining up for security check and after quite awhile, he finally reached the conveyor belt (?) and he was far away already but he looked towards where I was. I waved at him, not knowing if he would see but he waved back!

Here’s the video again

I figured I wouldnt bother uploading other photos because the video is the clearest!

Love and forgiveness (thoughts of a Se7en fan)

This is the first personal post that I’ve written here ever since this blog was started. I do not wish to comment on the current situation but those who do follow me on twitter might have read about some of my thoughts already.

As humans, we all make mistakes. We sin. We do things which we know are wrong. It doesnt mean that we gloat over the wrong and pretend it’s right. But I strongly believe that in any relationship there should always been love and forgiveness. There are people who are disappointed, upset, angry. And then there are those who are confused, worried, anxious. Whatever you feel, may I ask you to look onto him and others with understanding, love and forgiveness. To him, because he is just like any other human, and just as we would not abandon family or loved ones easily when they make mistakes, I pray that we give him patience and love during this difficult time, as he learns from this situation. And to others, no matter what people might say, remember that there are people who might feel betrayed, angry or confused. They are too, humans who have emotions.

I pray that during this time, we will show patience, love and grace. Don’t only remember the wrongs but also the good times. Don’t only think of receiving love but also giving love. Don’t worry too much because God is in control. Dongwookie will be fine, we know what a positive person he is. This will be a hard blow but things will always be alright.

The moderators of the this blog – Kasy, Pu, Oummy; and myself, will stand by Se7en and give him our love and support during this difficult time. I pray that amidst all the turmoil and craziness in Korea, this post will be a stream of light.

With love,

PS I invite you to leave your messages of support here, never know if he might see this!