6th November 2011

Japan fan meeting <Hello SE7EN in Japan> – 2pm + 6pm: Akasaka blitz

Kpop super concert broadcast

9th November 2011

Japanese digital single “Angel” release

3rd/4th December 2011

YG 15th anniversary concert – Seoul

5th December 2011

“Korea Love” 9pm on BS 11 (Japan)

6th December 2011

“For Korea! Pop” 10:30pm on Fuji TV (Japan)

25th December 2011

10pm (Radio – Japan) TBSラジオ「麻衣的亜州電波」

28th December 2011

From 28/12, every Wednesday his voice will appear on FM Yokohama Kpop Now (til End of March 2012)

1st January 2012

10pm (Radio – Japan) TBSラジオ「麻衣的亜州電波」

6th January 2012

(going into 7th) 4:35am – Fuji TV – Musata

7th/8th January 2012

YG 15th anniversary concert – Osaka

11th January 2012

6-8am Metere ‘Dodesuka’

12th January 2012

8:30-9:30pm East Sea./Donghae radio – “Annyeong Korea”

13th January 2012

1-6pm CBC Radio – ごごイチゴールド

7:30-7:55pm FM Aichi – Cool Korea

(going into 14th) 1am – Zip FM – Beat Plus (Nagoya area)

14th January 2012

7:30-10pm Ax – Korea – MV filming (Korea)

8pm – SSTV – Se7en Special (Se7en PV special)

(going into 15th) 1am  – FM Yokohama – Radio Hits Radio

16-19th January 2012

11:30pm (Japan – radio) FM Yokohama – Kpop Now

He will be appearing each night on a special corner called “SE7ENのつぶやき”

17th January 2012

7pm Fuji TV (Japan)  なかよしTV (Nakayoshi TV)

1am (going into 18th) FM Osaka – K – Stream

18th January 2012

2-5pm Zip FM – Bang!Bang!Zip!

Mini album release in Japan

21st January 2012

7am-1pm Zip FM – Breezy Saturday

2:30am (going into 22nd) – Tokyo FM – Asian Kpop

22nd January

YG 15th anniversary concert – Saitama super arena

1:30am (going into 23rd) –  OBC – K-pop cafe (radio – Japan)

23rd January

8pm –  FM Cocolo –  “COCOLO Earth Colors KOREAN”

24th January

8am, 4pm, 12:30am (going into 25th) – Music on TV! – Select Interview

25th January

1:29am (going into 26th) [Osaka area] Yomiuri TV – Musical nochikara

28th January

3-5pm J-WAVE「SATURDAY SONIC」 – WORLD SONIC (from YG concert, incl interview – w/Se7en, Gummy and 2ne1)

29th January

9:45am – ABC Radio – Fluttering KOREA

6th February

MJTV – MJTV interview (Japan)

4th April 2012

11:30pm FM Yokohama ‘Kpop Now’ – Se7en corner every Wednesday

19th April 2012

Men’s Fashion Week – Performing guest (Singapore)

21st April 2012

FM Yokohama ‘Radio HITS Radio’

Tokyo FM ‘Love with Yu’

23rd April 2012

5:05pm NHK Osaka ‘Ahoyanen! Sukiyanen’

25th April 2012

Japanese Single ‘Love Again’ release

8:00pm Bay FM ‘ON8’

26th April 2012

12 – 2 pm TVK ‘Arigato’

27th April 2012

10:53 Chukyo TV “ラッキーブランチ” (Lucky Branch) – Live show (Nagoya area)

4:30pm ZIP FM “Big Friday” – live show (Nagoya area)

28th April 2012

9:25am CBC TV “花咲かタイムズ” (Hanasaka Times) – Live show (Nagoya area)

29th April 2012

8:00pm Ameba Studio

1st May 2012

1:00am (going into 2nd May) AM1134 – Listen? Live for Life – live show (Radio)

2nd  May 2012

1:00pm Fuji TV – Gokigenyou

3rd May 2012

1:00pm Fuji TV – Gokigenyou

Showcase at Zepp Divercity (Tokyo)

4th May 2012

1:00pm Fuji TV – Gokigenyou

5th May 2012

Showcase at Zepp Fukuoka

Zip FM – Breezy Saturday

6th May 2012

Showcase at Zepp Nagoya

12th May 2012

Showcase at Zepp Namba (Osaka)

(Nagoya area) East sea radio – Annyeong Korea

Tokyo FM – ASIAN ☆ k-pop powered by LOVE-1

19th May 2012

5pm Hyundai Santafe Runcert (It was cancelled in april due to rain) – Incheon

11pm TVK/TVS/CTC – Kpop Idol Gateway to success

1am (going into 20th) Fm Yokohama Radio HITS Radio

23rd May 2012

9pm – 1am Calvin Klein Underwear 30th anniversary party – performing guest (He will be performing from 10 -10:25pm)

24th May 2012

Kookmin University Festival

25th  May 2012

7pm Yeosu Expo 2012 – ‘Big O concert’

‘One the Full’ – Kyung Sung University Festival at Gwangalli (Busan)

1:08am (going into 26th May) NTV Happy Music (Japan TV)

26th May 2012

11pm TVK/TVS/CTC – Kpop Idol Gateway to success

1am (going into 27th) FM Yokoahama – Radio HITS Radio

28th May 2012

11pm BS 11 – ‘Han love’ (Korean love)

2nd June 2012

11pm TVK/TVS/CTC – Kpop Idol Gateway to success

11th June 2012

11pm BS 11 – ‘Han love’ (Korean love)

24th June 2012

8pm Yeosu Expo Pop Festival


13th September 2012

1:50am Fuji TV Sakigake! Music Ranking Eight – with Seungri

16th September 2012

Se7en the best concert in Tokyo



19 thoughts on “Schedules

  1. Schedule??
    Perfect for Se7en stalking!! 😛
    Cheers!!! 😀

    He’s not performing on the 30th? 😦
    I was looking forwards to seeing him on Music Bank as well T_T
    At least I have MC and Inki to look forwards too!
    His live performances today were the best.
    Not even a bit rusty after not performing for so long!!

  2. I’m looking forward for the radio program. I wanna hear some more interview from him. T_T I’m missing the old day of him at the radio program.

    • I’ve been told he will be doing alot of variety shows and appearing on radio shows as well
      apparently his august schedule is FULL
      but i dont konw why YG hasnt updated it yet on hello7

  3. Oh thank you so much for this schedule of Se7en
    I stopped by but I couldn’t understand a thing because it’s all in Korean
    OH, Se7en is becoming more active than ever, hope this lasts long

  4. HI,i wanna know if he will attend the 2010 MAMA in Macau
    i saw his name on ment,but there is no confirmed news…
    so i want to make sure,,then i can buy the ticket><

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