Streaming Tutorials

It’s all a bit confusing and there is more coming so I’ve put them all together

First of all, breakdown of points for KChart and Mutizen song (SBS Inkigayo)

Music Bank – K Chart

Online listening 60%, Album sales 10%, Broadcast exposure 20%, Viewers preference 10%

Online listening numbers are made up of stats from Dosirak, Melon, Bugs, Mnet and Soribada as well as the number of ringtone and caller ring downloads on SK Telecom and KTF. Album sales are based on Hanteo charts, Shinara media and Hottracks. Broadcast exposure is the total number of times the song is played on KBS radio and TV. Viewers preference is when viewers vote for their 3 favourite songs every week and the results are sent to the Broadcast Cultural Research Centre.


Take 7 – Research 20%, Album sales 10%, Online listening 30%, Broadcast exposure 20%, Inkigayo homepage voting 10%

Online listening is also from Dosirak, Melon, Bugs, Mnet and Soribada as well as various tele companies in Korea.


Sales (Online streaming/downloads+ album sales) 50%, Online voting 30%, Professional musicians’ voting 10%, Realtime SMS voting (during the broadcast of Mcountdown) 10%

What you can do to help as an overseas fan

The only sites that overseas fans can join are Soribada, SBS and Mnet. Below are step by step instructions on how to join these 3 sites. If you are not members of these sites, please join ASAP because the confirmation process takes a few days.

Signing up for an account at SBS

Signing up for Mnet

How to purchase coupon from Soribada

Streaming & Download Tutorial for Soribada

Streaming Tutorial for Mnet

Voting Tutorial for Mnet

Streaming Tutorial for SBS

9 thoughts on “Streaming Tutorials

    • coupons are valid from the moment you buy
      if you dont have a membership from soribada, it usually takes 1 day for them to confirm your membership
      Mnet I’m not sure how long it takes but i think maybe 1-2 days as well
      Even you cant make it in time for tonight, please do buy a coupon and help to stream nevertheless
      he’s only released the album for less than 2 weeks.. it’s an ongoing campaign
      Thank you!!

      • Thank you so much! I’ll get the coupons and start streaming! I’m not working right now….so I have plenty of time to stream!!!!!!!!!! Ohh, BTW…’re the one who got me hooked on Se7en!!!!!!!! Thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!

      • i’m signing up for mnet…and i was asked to provide authentication number. how and where i can find the number??? thanks for all your help!!!

      • when u put ur email address there then press authentication next to it
        u should receive an automated email from mnet with a number which u put in the line below
        i think it may take up to 10 minutes for the email to arrive and make sure you check your junk mail as well

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